every once in a while I think about this billboard prominently placed on the NJ side of the George Washington Bridge

@jimpjorps Bryce Youngquist's dad is a creature of honor, also a horrifying dynamo of sexual rat energy

@jimpjorps this is the best thing I've seen in my entire life

@jimpjorps doin' your wife doin doin your wife
you know we straight doin' your wife

@jimpjorps Why the Hell are They Capitalising random Words?

@jimpjorps I really enjoy how this implies that there are other rats who are also fucking your wife, they are just merely okay at it

@jimpjorps haha well joke's on him because i'm single and have never fucked

@jimpjorps call the junk rat
he will tap that

wives love when the junk rat come
cause the junk rat makes them cum

@jimpjorps This has a intense energy and I can't place how it makes me feel exactly.

@jimpjorps "Hey there. You look like a man who has trouble satisfying his wife" — Homer Simpson

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