my favorite thing about the ongoing calls to boycott companies that ban pro-HK expression are the angry mainlanders trying to get a rise out of Americans by posting pictures of the WTC and saying things like “I say 911 was good because that is my freedom of speech”, and it’s beautiful to see them discovering the time honored tradition of 9/11 jokes

@jimpjorps great now i'm thinking of that fake "big dogs" shirt

@jimpjorps and the photoshopped pic of a sanders sibling wearing one to meet bernie

@Dayglochainsaw @jimpjorps issuing a correction to my previous post regarding the terror group al qaeda. you do not, under any circumstances, "gotta hand it to them"

9/11 pokemon porn, ableism in text within picture 

9/11 pokemon porn, ableism in text within picture 

@jimpjorps Can't faze us, man. We've been trolling ourselves with 9/11 bullshit for nearly two decades.
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