y'all really putting the squeeze on me to defend state capitalism against the gamers god dammit

never forget bush did 9/11 and hong kong protestors are funded by the burgoeise afraid china is going to take their slaves, the cia, and fascists, so even if you dont like the chinese government, which, fair enough, maybe consider pretty much everything is fash horseshit before getting too wrapped up in a particular side

hot take version: there's a lot of great reasons to boycott blizzard but im not too gung ho on cancelling them for telling someone to not use their platform to regurgitate cia propaganda :blobcatsip:

tho honestly im more upset about them :cmonBrugzos: yoinking :cmonBrugzos: the prize money than telling him to cram it. he won the prize pool fair and square, no takey-baksies because blizz wants to get all goobergobble about politic's in video games

the academy awards had a problem where every fucking celebrity would use their acceptance speech to yammer about their pet cause and it got super wearisome to watch so they implemented a mic kill switch and made some rules, they didnt take the damn statues away, y'know?

ive been flung around the great fireball on this rock long enough to know that when you start seeing shit like this, its time to get real sus

@anna when the non-irony poisoned get angry about something the memes are always so fucking excruciating

see also Drumpf


@bryceyoungquist @anna especially in a situation like this where 90% of the people on board mostly just seem to be there to spout a bunch of bigoted shit about Chinese people

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