@patience modula... dogma... remedy... triplex... all the greats

@jimpjorps @patience It also doesn't sound nearly as inane as "sphinx of black quartz, heed my vow"

@Aleums @patience just realized it should be "my big sphinx" because otherwise it's missing the B

@jimpjorps @Aleums exocet and mason were kissing cousins and you won't convince me otherwise

@jimpjorps i hated template gothic then, and i hate it no less in twenty-and-nineteen

@patience foreboding Virgin Megastore energy roils off that typeface

@jimpjorps everybody and their assistants used and abused the heck out of template gothic between roughly the end of 1992 to at least 1997

how about: Oblong

@jimpjorps What about the 30-50 feral gabagools that invade my Mastodon timeline?

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