is like if you went to a restaurant that promised free food and then you get there and they're like "the food is free but the fork costs $100". is shameful and must be banned

@gayalien the burning embarrassment of having to deny my children the simple pleasure of so-called free game "Tux Racer" because I simply cannot afford the $2,500 microcomputer upon which to execute the code

@jimpjorps the shame i feel every time i bring home a new macbook... the rage i feel when the terminal laughs in my pathetic face... nobody should have to feel this way

@gayalien ME, A HUMBLE COMPUTER DILETTANTE: thank you for providing this "compu-code"
RICHARD M. STALLMAN, MALICIOUSLY CHEWING ON HIS OWN FEET WITH HIS GOLDEN TEETH: now you are "free" to spend thousands of dollars on useless silicon and aluminum! ahahahaa!!

@gayalien @jimpjorps bro u ccan get a intel 458348572348573 and a gtx 348320945832096782439835672398346752903845769802345698 for like 700 bucks these days lmao

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