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I'm a guy from New Jersey who's a structural engineer by profession and plays brass instruments (tuba, euphonium, trombone) in his free time; I also run the world's largest Final Fantasy XIV guild and enjoy '90s graphic design

I've also got an alt ( @jimpjorps ) where I'll post more about competitive music during the summer performance season

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posting dumb shit at 8:45 in the morning is good because I imagine a bunch of stereotypical American nuclear families sitting around the kitchen table eating pancakes and reading a newspaper made up of my dumb shit

was thinking about the X Games, Surge soda, Viva La Bam, things of that nature

inordinately proud of myself for making a foreign-language pun

just bought an ebook reader for the first time since college, the kindle paperwhite is all right but I wish Sony was still making their nice aluminum ones, they looked and felt good to handle compared to this weird rubberized rectangle

really wish I had a cot right now because I could totally go for some lying down

purchasing a simple length of yarn so I can tease kittens at my leisure

neglecting the hillocks of my youth as I focus on the prances of maturity

choosing my favorite song to prance to for the big springtime fling

February 2020: inspired by the upcoming Animal Crossing: New Horizons, a fediverse user starts the instance crossing.village, attracting several dozen new posters who proceed to engage in light RP as animal villagers
April 2020: crossing.village shuts down suddenly after an acrimonious three-day debate about the occupation of Palestine

every once in a while I think about this billboard prominently placed on the NJ side of the George Washington Bridge

Charlotte’s Web (2020). Wilbur the piglet is saved from the slaughterhouse thanks to a friendly spider’s plan to make him the most famous hypebeast on Instagram

welcome to borger shop we have no buarger go away

finding out that my favorite thing to draw is big hapless dumbasses dealing with problems of their own creation

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