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The "F" in John F. Kennedy stands for "Fortnite"

health (negative) 

health (negative) 

health (negative) 

existing outside the top-bottom continuum, but as a bit

I always only ever get like 40% of the context of drama so I feel like I'm watching a movie with the wrong subtitles

oh my god this beauty just showed up at the local music shop and I want it so badly

I can't do a toot retrospective because all my good posts were on knzk... yeah... that's the ticket

I don't have any dramatic stories about how mastodon changed my life but I have enjoyed the past year here and like talking to people here and that's fine by me

This is the Post Hog. 🐷

Boost to ward feral hogs away from your backyard, fav to see a hog on your timeline.

I should add that Toot! for Men can also be used to SUBVERT THE PATRIARCHY:

just heard back that a local group will be performing the brass arrangement that I made earlier this year of a song from the game Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon at their winter concert this year

it took me a while to get comfortable with the idea but there are places that are not for me, and there are places that I don't need to feel obliged to be in, and in both cases it's healthier to just let things be rather than try to make it work in a way that will inevitably satisfy nobody

I think that instances are nice and people should join the ones they like

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