those THIEVING HARPIES stole my chance to sneak a goodnight kiss from one of the lesser seven dwarves, or perhaps Clarabella Cow

my headcanon is that the Disney Dream guy is a hardcore Disney fan and he lost half his Disney vacation savings fund in a divorce so now he's pissed that he can only do the Disney World gold vacation package instead of the Disney World platinum vacation package where a C-tier character tucks you into bed at night

hello fellow mastodon admins! #mastodev #mastoadmin do you want rich text posting support? are you not quite ready to make the jump to glitchsoc? i have a solution for you! you can merge in the following commit to get rich posting support:

note that this requires having viewing support as well, which is from thibg's patch:

All animals are precious and need to be protected at all costs. Apart from moths, horses and the vast majority of apes, of course, who should all be rounded up and thrown into one exceedingly large furnace

bringing back "talk to the hand" as an alternative to "that ain't it chief"

tripping so hard my ass falls off but I recover and do a badass tactical spin and position myself so that my ass lands right in place again

uspol: the biden campaign 

playing jenga with a tower of neatly-stacked twinks

Zak S shit his pants at Chik-fil-A on the last day of Gen Con '17

my media preferences are unassailable because they are extremely niche

I've never read Neuromancer but reading the Wikipedia plot summary has suddenly enlightened me to the origins of several insufferable people's internet usernames

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