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I'm a guy from New Jersey who's a structural engineer by profession and plays brass instruments (tuba, euphonium, trombone) in his free time; I also run the world's largest Final Fantasy XIV guild and enjoy '90s graphic design

I've also got an alt ( @jimpjorps ) where I'll post more about competitive music during the summer performance season

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posting dumb shit at 8:45 in the morning is good because I imagine a bunch of stereotypical American nuclear families sitting around the kitchen table eating pancakes and reading a newspaper made up of my dumb shit

thinking about samsung bixby again ❤️ bixby bpm

just watching tv lol
Samsung Bixby™️ HealthProSocial™️ WellshareUpdate™️
❤️ 78
🗜️ 115/78
👣 2.7 km walked
🚽 Fiber levels ideal
Click here 🌎 for my Samsung Bixby™️ HealthProSocial™️ WellshareUpdate™️ archives

beatsnitching except it's for the size and Bristol score of your bowel movements

ukpol - general election, protest at leeds hospital 

wish my office would spring for a pellets guy... all we've got here is a kombucha guy

having a rehearsal at a middle school and this quote posted in the cafeteria is one of the least inspiring things you could tell a child

burping my homies before we all climb into our custom giant racecar bed

every night before I go to bed I put on my sleeping pants, my sleeping shirt, my sleeping coat, my sleeping cummerbund, my sleeping smock, my sleeping parka, my sleeping steel-toed boots, and my sleeping oven mitts

The Snake Post Office Post

A zine brought to you by your friends at The Snake Post Office.

Thank you so much to everyone who contributed!

Boost this Mother Far and Wide!

joining the Happy Honda-Days army to defend my homeland from the Toyotathon incursion

attending the Midwest Financial Forecaster conference this weekend, hope no funny mixups happen when I use abbreviations whilst discussing my plans

writing a light novel about a typical Japanese teenager getting hit by a truck and waking up as Phil Collins

dropping back into your timeline deadbeat dad style to announce that I’d like a little boosts now that your account has gotten so big

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