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posting dumb shit at 8:45 in the morning is good because I imagine a bunch of stereotypical American nuclear families sitting around the kitchen table eating pancakes and reading a newspaper made up of my dumb shit

it is a brisk October Saturday and that means four hours of Long Island tuba time

my dreams of becoming an astronaut are shattered when it is revealed that at age 14 I had a life-threatening case of stanky leg

The PAWGcast, brought to you by your hosts "Jeff" and "The Turd"

twitter gender discourse from terf island 

motherfucker over here makin "toots" on the "fediverse"

under full communism, fuit gummy will be provided to all

one of the parts of my job I enjoy is doing hand sketches of proposals, there is something very tangible and thoughtful about putting ideas to paper like this instead of just booting up autoCAD

what if American Wife Guy was American Bripe Guy...

thinking about how I hate the shore but also will defend its status as an intangible cultural icon

why do they call it biscuit when you bis in the cuit food of out hot eat the cuit

feeling bad for all the nice, reasonable feet guys out there who've had their reputations destroyed by the bad apples

saw the license plate “VLVOLVR” and while I’m sure it’s “Volvo lover” I hold out hope that it’s actually “vulva Oliver”

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