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I'm a guy from New Jersey who's a structural engineer by profession and plays brass instruments (tuba, euphonium, trombone) in his free time; I also run the world's largest Final Fantasy XIV guild and enjoy '90s graphic design

I've also got an alt ( @jimpjorps ) where I'll post more about competitive music during the summer performance season

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posting dumb shit at 8:45 in the morning is good because I imagine a bunch of stereotypical American nuclear families sitting around the kitchen table eating pancakes and reading a newspaper made up of my dumb shit

getting a doctor's note saying that I'm allowed to buy funko pops for deeply-rooted evopsych reasons

that gum you like is going to come back and have to do it to em

the linux posters are the only pure form of poster, having purged themselves of desire and emotion and ascended to the plane of Stuttgart

getting on IRC to dig up some livejournal drama to share with my MSN friends

have been able to go play music maybe twice in the past nine months but that won't stop me from buying new musical instruments

ordered lunch for pickup, got distracted, sat down at the computer again and saw the restaurant webpage open and thought "maybe I should order lunch"

today I am causing a diplomatic incident on discord by asserting that the Jon Bon Jovi cover of Fairytale of New York is better than the original by The Pogues

a friend has an old copy of Salvador Dali's cookbook "Les diners de gala" and is sharing excerpts of the table of contents

finished off my banana bread... thinking of making more banana bread

bro let me into the papal conclave... bro I just want to see how you make the cool white smoke... bro dont be such a dick

today I found out about the obscure social network "CloutHub", founded by CEO Jeff Brain

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