@jess I don't understand the cognizance these people have when George Floyd died in a city with a democratic mayor, where the city council was entirely made up of democrats and where the governor and attorney general are both democrats as well. How much did living in a blue city in a blue state help Eric Garner?

"we can fix this by voting, not violence" say white people that were definitely alive for obama doing nothing about it

it's weird that my raison d'etre is mastery in a chat protocol from 1988

whoa. BART cops are real fuckin muderers aint they

god i promised myself i wasnt going to get involved in the cw meta

addiction, sobriety, ++, no boosts 

Freeze peach advocates oddly silent on journalists being shot by the government

beware any Democrat decrying systematic racism. they are equally culpable

how can any lucid, rational person watch any of this and ever trust the police

all cops are bastards, especially the ones in your anglosphere country that isn't the USA, even if they don't carry guns around on the daily

hey gamers welcome to todays show. we're going to be talking about the rioting but first, do you know who doesnt riot? today's sponsor, nordvpn

"the rioters came from outside the area" is a bit strange when the riots are everywhere. is everyone just circling around one city to the left?

"im being suppressed on social media!!!" screams the wing of politics that is currently globally dominating

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