i put the "cute fun" in "executive dysfunction"


i think the worst thing about the potential interference this time around is we know about it, we know what happened last time and each side are still trying to play it off in their favour rather than outright denouncement

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so the new Hillary's Emails thing is Hunter's Laptop. we're all going to focus on that and forget the massive microtargetted advertising campaigns

Oh boy, the clocks change this weekend so everyone gets to enjoy a whole extra hour of 2020

im going to watch an Atlantic feature length docu about the alt-right. wish me luck

you'll live to dance another day, it's just now you'll have to dance for the two of us

after some thought ive decided what britain and ireland would ideally look like. cornwall and wales are too small so i gave them slightly more of england

about death 

guns dont kill people, Purdue Pharma kill people

I am not afraid to keep on living, I am not afraid to walk this world alone

Post Malone dealing with a heckler. Riposte Malone

Post Malone deciding what to wear for halloween. Ghost Malone

Post Malone inviting you to a dinner party. Host Malone

cryptocurrencies are just pyramid schemes for techbros

And honestly it makes me really fucking uncomfortable! I dislike it! But like 80% of my mutuals engage in this super #Funny content and the only solutions anyone ever brings up is “deal with it or block all your fiends”

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