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me, pouring my cat shit coffee: i like to refer to myself as " sapiosexual", you see

cursed furry pro-cop content 

cursed furry pro-cop content 

im going to have to post so much jort content to recover the followers i lost

women do friendship face to face, men do friendship side by side, enbies do friendship stacked on top of one another like Pomeranians in a trenchcoat

seize the day as if it was the means of production

the trans agenda is reasonable pockets on girl jeans

oh and then comparing trans identities you don't like to Dolezal and kids dressing up as batman also is very angering but the Discourse has become more than that now

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I guess I just figured out what's got me in knots about today's Discourse. we're being told we can't even discuss trans identities that don't fit the narrative needed for poor support under our current systems because doing so threatens the current system

I definitely understand the argument for immediate harm reduction and there's a important conversation to have there; I'm just fairly certain the side effects of scoring substandard capitulations from the state will much more long term suffering than rejecting the system outright and demanding better

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surely it is reformist, not radical, to aim to work for betterment inside an existing system to limit immediate suffering rather than tear it down because it is fundamentally incapable of supporting the needs you aim for?

some people on this instance seem to need to be on instead ...

hold on did i cause today's Discourse™

i am both proud and extremely sorry

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