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Here's what I want when I travel

1. Optional Childless Flights
2. The right to fight a First Class guy for the seat
3. If they want me to walk through without shoes, they should take them off my feet and put them back on--then I could flip them a nickel
4. just more f*n booze it's not hard
5. A chub male driver waiting for me at my destination
6. who does erotic massage
7. unlimited budget
8. But also a benefactor who entertains me and pays for everything
9. Dangerous Cults
10. bottomless pouch

What if you jerked off and right at the moment Dick Cheney popped into your head. And you came Greek fire?

@jardshiel OH NOES I was wrong. That is Catherine Mary Stewart who I confused with Mary Stuart Masterson!!

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I’ve been hypertensive for nearly two weeks now. And I’m supposed to check myself into a hospital today. I know in my head this is the right thing to do, but I feel like once I check in, I’m never coming out.

Which is ok. But just really bad timing.

I'd be down for gender reveal parties for Trans kin who decide to come out. But I''d rather eat a baby rather than attend a party where we are surprised by it's gender.

re: Gerg How Bushes funeral:

it'd be cool if they dropped it and the corpse tumbled out and started crawling toward Jeb saying "I want my cake!"

mental illness 

@jardshiel and this is a guy I had to pull off a ledge a few months ago

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pol, treating hate speech as protected 

like, if you're of the mind that the daily stormer does damage, but we shouldn't shut it down because that might lead to harmless websites being shut down, you're morally lazy.

Yeah, it's gonna happen. But marginalized folks are called that for a reason. This kinda shit will always happen. If an ISP killed the daily stormer, then an innocent anti-nazi group, you protest the latter. You confront the fact that you can't play fair with fascists. It's on them.

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