The next book on my list is "Economic and Philosophic Manuscripts", and I can't stop wondering if I should read Adam Smith and David Ricardo first...

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I confess that I didn't feel that I received all the messages, mainly because I don't know much about the post-Napoleonic French period.
And some chapters were really technical and uncomfortable, but I love Marx's sassy and journalistic writing. It was really enjoyable and funny.

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I finally finished 18 Brumaire and wow, the last chapter got me deeply.

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about names 

In the past few weeks, I was thinking about how strange it is how cis people (including me) instantly accept their birth names and basically build an entire personality based on something they didn't choose.

I can't recognize myself without being called by my name. And it was something that I just accepted.

Well, there is no conclusion.

And it's so sad to find an interesting Argentine, but actually loves Macri nowadays.

It's not like "omg, I hate USA so much", I just tell how imperialism works.
The hate is just a consequence.

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I started to talk more often with foreigners (foreigners) to practice the languages ​​I learned.

Every time I'm too political, someone says "but why do you hate USA so much?"

Those old goths don't understand the magnitude of this song to our community lol

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Listening to ABBA and remembering when I was kicked out of a gothic ballad when I decided to put "Lay Down Your Love on Me" on jukebox.

I just read now "[The capitalist system] tries to convert the whole life of the worker and his family, in a great journey to value capital"

My mom talking to my brother: "This neuroscience course looks incredible, but does not give certificate, and you need one to put on your LinkedIn".

Hello, comrades!
I am Jacofried, just a Latin American who is using quarantine to study political theory, and especially Marx.
I am very new to this, so I do not have a solid political position, but it's a matter of time.
My main hobbies are cooking, gardening and literature.

English is not my mother tongue, so I'll make some grammatical mistakes eventually. Sorry about that.

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