I’m moving (for the last time) to @ivyfae

Follow me over there!

given a social engagement with length t minutes {t in +R} the time required to feel comfortable with speaking, w, can be calculated as w=probably nope

but hi people, you’re all very cool 👋

every time I try to toot this wine mom shit my mastodon app crashes

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Woke up like this*

*feeling like a sentient pile of garbage

it has come to my attention that my wistful exhaustion face is indistinguishable from my dtf but still intimidating face

sorry for any inconvenience

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mental health + bonus selfie in health tank 

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Daily reminder that Team Rocket are gay icons and represent everything I stand for.

what’s that thing that’s like sleep paralysis except there’s nothing stopping you from getting up?

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today’s kind of ok content brought to you by


🍃a break in routine

🦑 forgetting to take my meds this morning

🍔 my mom, grandma, boss, CEO, and two people I supervise following my Twitter

bye goodnight 😴

all I want is a fresh notebook, a luxury vibrator, and the ability to feel emotions for longer than four seconds

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looking through resumés and

if i were bi I’d learn business intelligence just so I could put this on my resume

pain symptoms are worse today than usual
3 weeks until next pt appointment, so I’m stretching at my desk like

@ivyfae tip: you can generate this graph with

git log bed—graph —pretty=oneline —decorate —sideways=fuckoopstoolate

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