Because if it’s for fuckin snobbish hipster reasons, then thats on you. The funny Twitter man is on an adult swim stream and is no longer your own precious thing. You’re a herb if you think this.

seriously I hardly find any kind of discussions/threads about Truthpoint. It’s got a subreddit which is faithful to the spirit? But like no one talking about what they liked/didn’t like. It’s so weird to me.

Or am I not good at google this time

Wanna see that Hatari x NJPW collab

LIJ hawking Soda Dream

who the fuck is throwing money around here like they’re Okada? IS he there in the crowd?

I have just seen one of the most painfully straight bird posts. It’s too early in the day for this nonsense

why tf am I listening to Ratt in 2019. have I been conditioned by the Metal Mayhem block??? MTVCLASSICULTRA

silly baby AEDUB shit I do 

Also apparently new fka twigs? Will investigate. 🤔 I liked M3LL155X...

Oh and it doesn’t hurt that Klemens is a real cutie patootie 😘

Hatari is like if an old SNL Sprockets episode was unearthed and some anti capitalist dudes with their humor firmly rooted in the Sasha Baron Cohen school were like “hey I think we can work with this” (but in Icelandic)

Bless these wacky fuckers

I’ve been listening to this non stop now:




Won’t someone think of the Italians 🇮🇹

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