@requrious fUCK THIS (β•―Β°β–‘Β°)β•―οΈ΅ ┻━┻

queerphobia, targeted harrassment, doxing, 4chan 

queerphobia, targeted harrassment, doxing, 4chan 

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queerphobia, targeted harrassment, doxing, 4chan 

please wear a face mask and one of those disposable plastic rain ponchos or a cheap black umbrella when protesting. if you can, give out ponchos to more people, make it hard for airborne and facial recognition surveillance to pick you out

it’s not that blue lives don’t matter, it’s just that blue lives don’t exist. being a cop is a job, a conscious choice; it’s not your life.

@Absolutely_Blakely there’s only one bad paw patrol member tbh don’t drag the rest down with chase

Is that new RMR video a creative way of coming out or am I reading too much into it because LOTS OF RAINBOW COLORS and cryptic lyrics

Either way it’s fucking cool

The North Star Health Collective has also asked people to spread their website. you can also donate there:


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link to birdsite, us current events, urgent warning about protests 

Covid-19 testing, trip report 

also, it's fun.

i know that's not the point. demonstrations aren't intended to be outright street parties. but watching all this shit can feel incredibly demoralizing and alienating in a manner that totally melts away once you're out with your neighbors and locals, and it becomes real just how many people feel like you do.

it feels really good to see other people on the same page and doing something. and they'll feel good seeing you there adding to the numbers.

anyway, think about it.

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did you know: you don't need to be a level 4 antifa super solider to attend public demonstrations in your area.

in fact, showing up to voice your support as a non-descript average white person is useful. cops may look at POC & black bloc kids and see potential targets. but when they look at average white people, they see potential lawsuits. put that shit to work.

if you have never attended a demonstration please consider the value your voice and presence can contribute now (if you're able).

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