I love it when a company asks me to "join the conversation" like what's the Discourse on granola bars

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What companies think The Conversation is: Happy customers gushing about their granola bar experience.

What The Conversation actually is: Twitter users bombarding the company account with complaints.

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@infernusgoatus does Arnott's or chips ahoy really want to get into a deep philosophical convo about the true meaning behind chocolate biscuits?

@DewMan001 "The sweet, crumbly body of the biscuit represents the sense of self, while the melty chocolate coating represents the slightly bitter, ever-shifting chaos that makes up everyday existence."

@infernusgoatus "And so it was that I witnessed the biscuit begin to crumble and melt when submerged in the hot chocolate. As I watched my snack slowly deteriorate and disappear I saw my life too begin to fall away, not as a result of warm milk or crushed and powdered beans, but of stress and loneliness. I fear that the meaning of my small, insignificant life has, like the chocolate before me, disintegrated. I fear that my work will eventually kill me, and I may never experience the companionship of another human being, or feel their gentle caress ever again."

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