Our three cats intro. 

Next up is Odysseus.

I've had Odysseus (and his sister) since they were kittens. As much chill as Bambo does not have, Odysseus does. He is a big dumb idiot sweetheart whose hobbies include sleeping, eating, and sleep-eating. He is a world champion at Being Adjacent. The moment you sit or lay down, he will find a way to be next to you with his whole being. His second-best friend is the Cat Who Lives In The Window (And The Dishwasher Door And The Oven Door And The Mirror), with whom he will confer for long minutes at a time. His favorite sport is Receiving Bellyrubs, for which he has won numerous gold medals. He is known as Mr. Duhrr or "Hey Buddy".

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@Pixley He is a Good Boy and would be concerned by your death!

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