Anyone who says that ad- and tracker-blockers are bad is a cop.


You can't convince me that blocking all this shit is the true evil. The true evil is that this shit is there in the first place.

Not pictured: The site hadn't even finished loading by the time it hit 620 trackers. I had to stop it at around 628. It took 14 seconds to reach that point.

Meanwhile, it took around 2 seconds to load the cleaned up page.

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@infernusgoatus there was a "pre-social network" here around which was ad-free and was sold to Telekom Whatever (local spinoff of Deutsche Telekom). In the next few weeks the site was redesigned, and conateined at least two advertisement at any random horizontal pixel line, probably totalled more than 2 dozen for the whole page, and probably trackers a few times more. It was amazing to see thh adblocked page after the ad-infested one.

@infernusgoatus the second image is what i call “excellent use of white space”

like, the web design is good after you delete the ad boxes, which inherently changes the page layout

@riking @infernusgoatus Yeah is actually a really pleasant site to use once you remove all the bullshit

@infernusgoatus Wow. That second image is what my gut says the internet is supposed to look like. The first is just what we've become accustomed to enduring.

What browser is this? What plugins do you recommend?

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