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Totally forgot I said I'd do a Beard Reveal on my Mastoversary, which has now come and gone. So enjoy my long fucking beard that never braids quite right. (selfie, ec, i guess you can boost it if you want to horrify your friends)

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Anyone who says that ad- and tracker-blockers are bad is a cop.

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I've moved to @infernusgoatus officially ahead of the radtown shutdown. It's been a good run. I'll really miss this place. Thanks for all the good times. 🖤

Oh god I did the profile redirect and then had to undo it because I forgot to save my bookmarks and also boost my good posts*

* haha there aren't any

All [Weed Store] ambassadors must possess:
• An ego-less, growth mindset that is focused on learning, education and reflecting in order to evolve skills & competencies by being a student of yourself.

put the em-PHA-sis on the wrong syl-AH-bul, but for fun

say sah-SQUATCH out loud and tell me it doesn’t make you smile

:khezu: would like to remind you all to wear a mask or face covering

Sigh, guess I better port over to jorts at last.

staring at a dead, cracked screen and pretending to watch a Konami press conference where a new Castlevania game is announced for the holiday season 2021.

sipping my coffee and scrolling down the TL like:

nope. no.
not touching that.
don't think so.
heh, that's pretty funny, but no.
wooo! nah.
that's a no from me.
huh. hmm. fave-no-boost.

before you open your mouth to criticize occupy wall street, the rally to restore sanity, the wto protests, or the comedy central prime time situation comedy "that's my bush!" show me what you've done to bring about radical change. in detail. with a complete list of co-conspirators and fellow-travellers

in the wake of this freenode news i would like to propose my alternative chat client: writing a little note and passing it to your friends

you ever think how fucked up it is how our browsers have to include a reader mode?

Cherry time 

I picked cherries! Hooray

These are the sour kind, which is why they aren't as dark as sweet cherries (they're yellow inside)

Later I will preserve them but for now I'm enjoying being out of the sun

my jaw just started popping one day and never stopped. cool design

I've got laptops to work on today so it's back watching Citizen Kane

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