This... does not convey the message they think it does.

@illnessideology This is less “you can change the world!” and more “there will be reduction of the chocolate ration”

@alex the way to show people that we take the issues seriously... is to ignore them!

@illnessideology Ah yes, blacklining, that thing that is famously used for good

@illnessideology Here's the real article(!!!!) from the Sun-Times: (cached, text only)

"Chicago retains its dubious title as one of the nation’s most segregated cities, according to two studies released Wednesday by the Chicago Urban League and by researchers at American University in Washington, D.C."

This makes me s o a n g r y.

@alex look Alex, it's all about being optimism and not sparking division. Yes, pointing out existing divisions is the same as creating them.

@illnessideology what the actual hell? I mean I can see it “oh it’s like that fun word poetry I used to do in high school! It’s positive and cute and fun!” But dear god Becky some people might have a different experience with thick black sharpie on news articles.

@tisiphone someone from this organization came and spoke during the farmer's market last fall, and they come off as very naive, almost Third Way-ish in their outlook

@illnessideology there has to be a specific word to describe the naive, enthusiastic obliviousness of liberal paternalism...

@tisiphone for me, all that is implied in the word 'liberal' itself

@illnessideology it’s true...

It took me years to get over the defensiveness of leftists using liberal as a pejorative, until I realized how much the whole situation had shifted right and that Being Considerste And Listening For Once as a political platform wasn’t even on the menu for liberals anymore.

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