and then, harry potter cast the Carbon Tax spell, saving the world, showing that the most important things in the world are love and technocratic solutions

@illnessideology “But Dumbledore”, Harry protested, “how will Nicholas Flamel live without the Sorcerer’s Stone?”. Dumbledore smiled. “Oh Harry, don’t you realize that Ruth Bader Ginsburg needs it more right now?”

@evan "do you know why you were spared, Harry?"
"no, Professor, why?"
Dumbledore smiled. "it was love, Harry, love of the law. Your parents never even so much as jaywalked. It's a special kind of magic that protects law-abiding citizens."

@illnessideology “Late to class again, Mr. Potter?” Professor McGonagall said sharply. “Well it doesn’t matter. Today we’ll be learning how to Transfigure the U.S. Congress with a spell I call the Blue Wave.”


@evan "do you know why I've summoned you here Professor Moody? I cannot have you teaching the students the forbidden curses."
"The students are adults," Moody shot back, "they have every right to know how to cast the impeachment curse."

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