@illnessideology my brain is so poisoned by this place i thought the first one meant reboots featuring the mascot gritty

@pbandkate lmao same. like semantically i knew what i what i was writing, but in my head i just had this image of a large, orange, furry thing with disturbing eyes

@illnessideology the irony being that any reboot featuring gritty the mascot would probably be campy as hell

@pbandkate looking forward to Gritty staring in the next Wes Anderson film.

@bryn no this is a christopher nolan subtoot. hope he sees it

@rotor two missiles?? *turns plane on knife edge* nyuck nyuck nyuck

@jawnv6 instead of kelly mcgillis it’s that high society lady from the marx bros films

@rotor *wealthy dowager leaving flight school* Now I trust those fine boys will have my volleyball court set up by the time I return...

@illnessideology the evolution of open world battle royales from day z to fortnite is fascinating. I wish someone would make a fortnite day z or fortnite z. I think that would be more popular

@Estrusflask @illnessideology
I think that’s a factor, but it wasn’t initially free if I recall and I think a lot of people are buying consoles to play it. I think a factor is kids parents let them play it bc it doesn’t have the violence of pubg. It’s also happening simultaneously with overwatch... it’s like a cross between overwatch and pubg in some ways. And kids and their parents like it more than the gritty alternative

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