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I have attached a dozen pizza cutters to this Roomba and it will only stop when it vacuums up enough blood

Can't believe Henry Kissinger just sits there being alive while other shitty people keep dying

@nuttgodd is a stupid cracker and a SPINELESS COWARD and I want everyone to be clear on that

taking applications for fellowships at my new Institute for Post-Modern Centrism.

Please note: this is an unpaid position

can someone explain to me the appeal of running this account. you regurgitate stolen pablum. you get a bunch of fake RTs. Hailey at Queensdale middle school replies "this is too real😂 ". Why?

HARRY POTTER FANS: can’t believe J.K. Rowling is making all these bizarre changes to the canon!
ME, A FAN OF MADELINE L’ENGLE’S TIME QUINTET AND THE DOZENS OF OTHER NOVELS IN THE WRINKLE IN TIME EXTENDED UNIVERSE: quit your tiny baby whining and call me when Fred and George travel back in time before Noah’s Ark by typing some words into a computer and then both try to have sex with the same angel

teach a girl to fish, feed her for a day. teach a man to fish, he will try to teach fishing back at you

Harry Potter is Naruto for people who take themselves to seriously to watch anime

Idk if this is a hot take but...

Life expectancy is an awful metric for the quality of society’s healthy care. Like,, why should I care if my life expectancy is 77 versus 80? Those years project to have the worst Quality of Life value. I care much more about the QoL of my prime years.

I wanna bring back the traditional concept of the salon.

Mastoprom is at my house, actually. everyone come over

the other day i called something 'cursed' and my gf said, 'are you british now?'. is 'cursed' a british thing? i just thought it was online speak. British people, sound off

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