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Harry Potter is Naruto for people who take themselves to seriously to watch anime

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look at least Alex's poetry isn't the tortured pretentious verse of most high school boys

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I’m just glad I didn’t put my high school poetry online


mmm, i love these all these new boxy houses that are gonna look super dated in another six months.

What is Portland’s fascination with housing that looks like shipping containers

@illnessideology let me tell you bro if they let me on the podcast? shit would have been different

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, Chapo’s critique of Shapiro’s book is not as cutting as it could have been, partly because Amber continues her too-cool-for-school shtick

It’s time to replace imperialism with...

Chicago will always have a special, and blatantly gerrymandered, place in my heart

Q+A non
Q+A is an ABC Australia panel show.
"non" is the french word for negation.
Who has never appeared on Q+A? That's right, Herman.
Herman is QAnon

i've made piece with the fact that i'm going to be *that* american who compares american life with that brief time he was in Spain

another *Us* thought: There are a few aspects of *Us* that are reminiscent of *Funny Games* (2007). It doesn't necessarily contribute to any reading of the film but I think part of the film's richness comes from a depth of knowledge about its own genre.

only takes me 5 minutes reading a garf thread for me to realize I missed a crucial angle of a film.

*Us* is great on so many levels, but I think it just ends up being either nihilistic or incoherent

I think I completely lost my shitposting ability in Europe. It’s like it requires a special type of late-capitalism poisoning to be a poster

For my anime mufos: Is Hunter x Hunter worth watching past the first major arc?

*Scarlet Begonias voice*

This is Mario Hezonja,
talking to some squirrels

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