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Harry Potter is Naruto for people who take themselves to seriously to watch anime

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You know sometimes I like to think my followers *teach me*

Sometimes I’m like, “lol nothing is real,” and then I realize, “as opposed to what?”, so I guess this is as real as it gets

@illnessideology Ancom, all of them(except maybe Hannibal Burress and Ron Funches), Cage The Elephant. Cigarettes After Sex, The Regrettes, Saint Motel, with that tongue of COURSE Yoshi can get it, dogs but also cats, cucumber vidka tonic, dresses, blue yellow and green.

I don’t even need to light my joint. It spontaneously combusts from the heat of my irony-repressed dispair.

‪Gonna need everyone to spell out their positions in bold clear language in a pinned toot thread. Soorry I didn’t come here for ambiguity‬

i've now wiped my browser history at work. damn this is really the end

This is Terry Fresh and you are listening to Gross Air.

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@illnessideology It’s all that fair trade and ethical conscientious capitalism they keep in the back.

it hasn't quite hit me that this is my last day at this job.

doing critical analysis of Evan's posts. That's Hermaneutics

maybe if i deleted my account people would just believe i had 1000 followers

does irony poisoning cause germline mutations? asking for a friend

@illnessideology what can i say, someone had to lead the revolution in birthday studies, might as well be me

me: I'm just glad I finally have a word for it - "parasocial friendship." It's weird to feel like you know someone, like you *really* know someone, and to feel like they should know you too, and then to realize they wouldn't recognize you on the street. It's really just you taking what pieces they give you about themselves, then filling in the rest with your own personality Jurassic Park style to make a really fleshed-out imaginary friend.

Twitch streamer: haha yeah that's a long comment

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