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Harry Potter is Naruto for people who take themselves to seriously to watch anime

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you can't get arrested for witness intimidation if you simply kill the witness

things I've liked recently
- Crash by JG Ballard
-Big Mouth
-Martin Scorsese dunking on Marvel


getting so turned on by my car that I'll need to install wipers on the inside of the windshield

haven't posted on here in a while, so i'm excited to accidentally dredge up months old contentious discourse about a television show

You were my Birthright date. I was a teenage Superman and you were my occupied desert Lois Lane. But everything changed when they split up the boys and the girls at the Kotel. Hell, we didn’t even talk until our chaperone Mr. Capps took us back to the motel. I tried to make you understand that I took a faceplant and if I ate you out I’d get sand in your pants. But you didn’t want to hear it. You got dick from some himbo in the IDF. But I don’t want to hear it- IDGAF. #AtticusPoetry #poetry

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our connection was automatic
but when i drive you, it's stick shift

We had tickets to Hamilton right before you ran. Now you’re watching a poetry slam while another man holds your hand? Damn. #AtticusPoetry #poetry

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I was on Netflix but I wasn’t chill. Every movie was capeshit, almost none were redpilled. But the one movie I wanted to watch was you. You’re pure kino, like drinking up the Snyder cut cut with fine vino. But I already shipped that dvd back years ago. #AtticusPoetry #poetry

Platonic marriage solely for the purpose of generating posts

Thinking about outlawing coffee orders longer than four words

When I was young we used to go all out on Halloween decorations. I’m talking a full ass graveyard in front of our house. One year we went really big and had like, different body parts coming out of the ground by the headstones. That must have cost so much money. I think it ended up costing my dad,, his job at the morgue

The unfortunate part of someone being painfully stupid is that it’s only painful for everyone else

Boy, are you a Vine? because you finished in six seconds.

69-ing is simply the embodiment of the interplay between the base and the superstructure

Could Naruto Win a Texas Senate Race?
by Nate Silver

*incredibly proud about sending an e-mail*
*immediately becoming overwhelmed by anxiety about getting a reply*
This folks, is the millenial experience

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