One day Daft Punk is gonna take off their helmets and it's gonna be me under there. Both of them are gonna have been me the whole time

my face is prepped for kev to make me up. feat. his tattoos and foot

i’ve said it before i’ll say it again: lil uzi is goth girlfriend

might attempt a cut crease for the first time ever tonight

changed into a new jumper because i was boiling in my suit + now i’m jus waiting for kev to finish work :)

i spent £94 jfc but i’m 100% sure it was worth it. i got all the stuff i’ve been wanting for months

i’ve bought so much makeup today........ kev wants to do it for me so wish me luck!!! he hasn’t touched makeup besides an eyebrow pencil in years lmao

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"baby on board" sticker on the white house. thats politics baby

Help, I just saw a post like "I didn't get on social media until I was 14, so I'm not as internet-poisoned as other people my age," and then I turned to ash

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