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money means i can keep creating (and living while doing so) so if you wanna keep seeing me do makeup looks and any other kind of art i’d really appreciate it if you supported me :)

boosts are also greatly appreciated! thanks for always showing me love guys, y’all are what keeps me going and motivated to do the things i love.

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Hi! I’m Ash. I’m a performer & artist/wannabe MUA (examples below)!
I’m a trans boy & broke as hell, I have a part time job that I do only once a week (not my choice, it’s the only way they’d keep me). So the pay is barely enough to live on, especially as i’m doing my Master’s degree & have to travel (& eat) often.
If you like my posts/art/makeup, I’d appreciate any support so I can keep creating!
cash app:£AshleyMVillers (£AshleyMVillers)

why do gamers always scream!!! in every video!! what hte heck!! stop!

like rly atleast learn to equalize ur audio like frick no one knows how to do that apparently.

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i know there’s no chance of me ever getting that pr package from anastasia beverly hills but it was fun to try i guess. emails go out today 🤷🏼‍♂️

just got off the phone with great news!!

i am being awarded the Nobel Prize for Science this year for my laser beam that separates the art from the artist!


hey guys it's my birthday can

if you meet another person who can tolerate david lynch's work for its unabashed weirdness, dont miss the opportunity to become their friend

thank you kate god bless because you’re posting on mastodon and smiling

yo can folks who still use twitter gimme a RT on this post 👀

it would really help me out, i really need the support!!

just knowing i’ll never even be noticed is just. such a bummer

god i’m not good enough at makeup or art and i’ll never be on anyone’s pr list ffs i want it so fucking badly

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