replacing my legs with hospital stretchers and my spine with large spider legs, finally, I' #gamer

Blade Of Phanes: really pissed off leftist bangers hardcore/post hardcore/metalcore, FFO Vanna, Knocked Loose, Counterparts

Ghosts Of Catharsis: metalcore, FFO August Burns Red, Texas In July, Misery Signals

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bandcamp is waiving their revenue share until 12AM PST to help musicians struggling through the epidemic. if you haven't checked out my music today is a REALLY GOOD DAY TO DO THAT. Here's some of my stuff.

Plasma Cutter: chiptune/pop punk, FFO Anamanaguchi, (T-T)b, Knuckle Puck, The Story So Far

As Seas Exhale: post rock/ambient, FFO This Will Destroy You, Hammock, Caspian, etc


posted the froggy chair earrings on my etsy! decided on $20 with free US shipping, $10 international.

if it sells out and you want a pair, dm me and ill make them this weekend and ship them out asap!

all the stuff in my shop right now looks so cuuuute! and entire row of animal crossing cuteness!!!

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buy my music today and i get 100% of the cut instead of bandcamp yoinking some of it

The state framed Assata for bank robbery. They assaulted her and framed her for more crimes. Yet she persisted.

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C is for COINTELPRO: A baby's first introduction to crimes of the state

I got the Assata Shakur bio, a Safe Girl to Love, and Luigi's Mansion.

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hello, it is my day, may I have some b̮̳̼̳̫o͎̯̦͠o̜͇̞̜̞͜s̹̫ͅt̥͈̗̬͖͢ͅs̖͚̥̘͢?

People buying up all the cleaning supplies like they didnt already have any at all, did you people not clean your house regularly cochinos

i found the brand of just lying in the gutter

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