i ordered a bunch of sardines in bulk and my kids found them and have started saying to each other "i swear it on my father's sardines" and i dunno it just doesnt feel like im coming back from this one

like theyre not even owning me to my face, theyre just using me as the butt of their own in jokes and fuck man it feels real bad

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@helldude Well, at least that's their christmas presents sorted.

@helldude inform your children about the fantastic health benefits of sardines and how they have tons of protein

@helldude my wife just told me my son was impersonating me while I was at the store. No respect

@Mosie @helldude all those years farming sea bandits in vaegir territory coming back to haunt him

@helldude so when's the wake, since it sounds like your kids have thoroughly murdered you, helldude

@helldude you got hit with the 1-2 punch of the fact that kids are better than anyone at owning old people and these are your kids so they know you better than anyone.

you were never going to get out of this alive.


did you get a good deal though? ngl my interest is piqued


i mean on the plus side, like, sardines are pretty lit

@helldude "Papa may I indulge upon the decadent supply of sardines, just this once?"

@helldude bulk buy a load of haribo and they will envy and respect you again.

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