EXTREMELY lewd shit post, seriously, not a joke cw 

@helldude pewdiepie is the ultimate boomer because he sucks and is also racist

walter white heisenberg hat on helldude avatar with the caption I AM THE ONE WHO POSTS CRINGE

This episode is probably gonna make them mad but I've already been doxed on there so they can dox Andy and Michael now lol

The cope and salt on kiwi farms and other hideous ratholes of the internet is extremely rewarding

I was honestly not expecting Vic Mignona to lose everything at this stage of his pathetic lawsuit but oh well, makes the upcoming podcast episode on it that much funnier

Ah woe! I have o'ertrimmed my bonnie moustaches and now must retire to my fainting couch to recover from the vapors!

Warren's HUSBAND, who never had even a thin laughable claim to native heritage like Warren, submitted a recipe for "Oriental Beef Stir Fry" and was listed as "Bruce Mann, Cherokee" -- what on earth is wrong with white people

how is it no big deal for white people to act like this?? to just larp as indigenous people?? why does no one on the left think this is even worth feeling weird about?? im going nuts

this "pow wow chow" cookbook of warrens is still triggering me for a second straight day

elizabeth warren has some of the most annoying fans in politics

there's nothing worse in this world than baseball

ive been using my twitch channel to stream movies and baby, its better than streaming gaming

@helldude it is with a heavy heart that i must announce the cis are At It Again

Came over here to see @helldude hasn't really brought his garbage anti-fluffy dog discourse to mastodon and confirmed that this is either a better platform, or one where the worst takes get less traction and he knows and fears it.

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