@helldude it is with a heavy heart that i must announce the cis are At It Again

Came over here to see @helldude hasn't really brought his garbage anti-fluffy dog discourse to mastodon and confirmed that this is either a better platform, or one where the worst takes get less traction and he knows and fears it.

if this podcasting thing doesnt pan out im going to become a video games developer

my posting skills are second to none, im honestly one of the top men in the posting game

mastodon is problematic and i encourage us all to stop using it in favor of long, meandering conversations made from our local public payphones

im the gamerly gentleman, professional twitch streamer

Though I may seem “cool” online, it is with a heavy heart I must admit that I sing songs to my cat while replacing all the lyrics with “meows”

baby wiping my armpits, dick and balls, and asshole before the interview

Absolutely the best part of the Allen Ventano bit was Ed Zitron following and interacting while having no idea that it was a bit, just totally supportive of a realtor who talked about being a former fentanyl dealer

@helldude please tell everyone on twitter who replied to you about your name change that I miss them and I love them but I shan’t be back because my brain has become mostly healthy again after all this time away

im gonna turn this place into DADical town

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