while you have been refreshing the tree of Liberty with the blood of patriots and tyrants, i have simply been jacking off on to it

@helldude sanders campaign in hot water after accepting endorsement from alleged serial wife poisoner and suspected hezbollah member

People in New England talk about the South like the comic series Crossed (Ennis/Moore runs ONLY) is a documentary.

please boost!

But obviously it'll get blocked since once of @Glinner's favorite pastimes is digging for photos of trans women and mocking them.

Which seems like seriously disturbed behavior, but, hey, that's Twitter for you.

i respectfully suggest that graham linehan should be treated discourteously

Creeps, Self-Promotion 

@helldude These episodes were great. I've been to like two anime conventions in my life and even I had heard about Vic's behavior.

Love the podcast.

Creeps, Self-Promotion 

oh and while im here if any nerds like anime dubs and followed the lawsuit where Con Creep and voice actor Vic Mignona sued a bunch of people who said mean things about him being creepy, we covered it here (first of a two parter): soundcloud.com/alabpodcast/epi

the cat's out of the bag now, and i can confirm the 'h' does, indeed, stand for 'helldude'

before anyone asks no i have not been banned again (yet)

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