hot yoga, except instead of yoga its gaming and instead of hot there are three ACs cooling the room to meat locker temperature

People who live in parts of the US & Canada w hellish 9 month long winters who then complain about the 3 days of summer they’re given as a pity fuck by Earth’s axis and rotation are on a level of Stockholm syndrome I can’t even imagine

what kind of person spends thousands of dollars on a sex doll? You can buy a mannequin for a fraction of the price. Just drill a hole in it

@dreamsofcheese they evolved from felis silvestris lybica, the African wildcat. they sort of domesticated themselves by hunting mice that would infest near human agricultural areas, and so ones that were more comfortable around humans were selected for.

i was feeling pretty crappy about turning 50 but then i realized im now allowed to end every post and text with emoticons 🤑😎

they have been mastering this shit since before you were BORN. and you have to audacity to do it like this

bro you couldn’t make an appealing design for a fucking anthropomorphic CAT? the furry community is RIGHT HERE bro

caught my daughter tweeting so i have been meaning to sneak back on there with a private account to keep tabs on her but i have been completely unable to summon the energy to let that shithole back into my life

choose your fighter

@helldude This is all so convoluted. Back in my salad days a meme was just a horse with no distinctive properties.

what’s ligma, u ask?
*chuckles softly*
...very carefully,

the official state motto of the state of texas is "excelsior" but most people are more familiar with its unofficial motto" texas: never disrespect it"

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