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w out amvs on youtube i would’ve never gotten into vocaloid, various good 2000s anime, minecraft, and more that’s crazey

critikal’s newest vid on amv makers building youtube to be what it is today is so accurate i went on youtube in 2007 to watch naruto amvs

people who don't use it don't understand just how profoundly bad of a website tumblr is. i'm not even talking about the community, just the actual software itself. to say that tumblr is incompetently coded is an insult to incompetence. tumblr's source code is the programming equivalent of sweet bro and hella jeff.

went through the hazbin hotel tag on tiktok and i pray for death

Okay I like the dog show but also we can all agree that dog breeding and the concept of purebred dogs in general is like, super fucked up, right

losing my mind at the inspector gadget minecraft vid

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