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found someone spreading an ayesha google drive that has her leaked nudes i’m gonna fucking kill someone!

reply to this w kandi ideas!! i wanna make some but i can’t think of anything

literally been so fucking depressed and i’m scared

i just wanna make music and my brain is tormenting me

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suggestion for next year 

how are they still making new south park episodes? like seriously how? who the fuck is watching it?

getting bloodwork done might be the worst

I know everyone hates tumblr links but here's a solid roundup of links to Indigenous organizations to donate to:

not me thinking ayesha made up lina morgana for a song and i come to find out she’s a real person that gaga fucking murdered

@heart i have thyroid issues i can’t help it i’ve been eating 😭 fack

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@heart this is joak but i literally walk in see everyone and 9/10 people asked “why are u so skinny” BITCH LEAVE ME ALONE !!!!!!!!!

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picture of my cat Eugene with his tongue hanging out of his mouth a little

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