every time i watch makeup tutorials and see a jeffree shitstar palette i close it

i wake up and look at my toki doki unicorn collection and feel happy

@heart pretty sure it’s my adhd lol idk the smaller screen is nicer and easier to focus in on

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anyone else do this weird thing were they have a tv that can play almost any media platform but sometimes u just use your phone instead to watch something?

thinking abt drawing my puppy as an ac villager

can’t stop watching videos abt animal crossing

@melodicake tysm!! i love it so much ugh kandipatterns.com best site

kinda fucked up that i dont live in the world of animal crossing

bro the animal crossing direct...crying this is gonna be the best game

imagine thinking leashedmutant isn’t a scene icon i’d like to fight

gmorning pretty sure my brain woke me up just because the acnh direct

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