#Tiktok is:
- Sending your searches to Facebook.
- Sending your watched videos and usage time to Appsflyer partners.
- Fingerprints the hardware of the person watching the shared video on both web browser and mobile app using canvas leak and audio API.
- Embeds sharer ID into shared video URLs, hides it via URL shortening.
- And more!

Since they do not ask for consent they're in violation of multiple EU privacy laws. :blobcatsip:


i’m seeing so many stans defend her rn....dumb dumb dumb


@selina she said the n word like 5 times in a song called hoes, i’m so disappointed

gnight hope i finish my art final before class tomorrow o_o

bro anyone know some good online stores for scene style cause ebay has nothing -_-

me getting justin into degrassi is so funny shshshhshshe he remembers like everything too i’ve corrupted him

hot n spicy cheezits would never betray me

scared i failed math. the final was fuckin awful and i missed a ton of homework at the beginning of the semester which docked my grade to a C super quick :( if i get a D i’ll have to retake

terfs losing jobs and friends is so pleasing

Racism, murder, shooting mentions 

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