@melodicake literally the most ridiculous promo... made me lose a lot of respect for them to the point of not listening anymore lmao

@heart gatekeepers are truly the stupidest ppl on the planet when they say shit like this. wtf do u mean “diluted” bitch

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anyone remember the creatures treehouse minecraft series

It's bi day of Visibility so all us bi people have to pop out and make the Korok "Yahaha! You found me!" noise

@paladin the live version of strangers. it hits so hard

selfie ; ok2boost 

i liked my outfit yesterday

this is terrifying and frustrating and is loading all the responsibility on the small people and not the rich bastards who are really responsible for the mess we are in

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did they seriously think this clock that counts down to a hypothetical "end of the world" if we don't stop climate change was a good idea what do they think this is gonna do except making people feel even more sacred and helpless what the fuck

watching one piece and forgot how epic it is

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