selfie ; ok2boost 

i liked my outfit yesterday

@heart 9/14/20-9/20/20
played a lot of slime rancher and made a playlist of these albums just for it (minus party rock lol)

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oh yea i remade the old dsi system settings icon for my home screen lol it doesn’t look too good but i’m happy w it <3

this is so cute i’m very tempted but i luv my pink+black scenecore and mcbling aesthetic rn

@heart FOUND THE THREAD lmao i had 1 layout before this and it was panty from paswg but now it’s this

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potential ec ; gushing abt artists who don’t exist anymore 

where’d she go...released a great ep and disappeared :(

she’s so dumb what happened to her this year i’m pissed

listened to a lot of madonna while i couldn’t sleep. therapeutic and yummy

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