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my fuckin tires are flat so i’m on a walk rn

i wanna go biking but it’s dark and my mom is like “ur gonna get hit by a car” -_-

@heart and apparently one is from 2019, it was one she was selling but still :(

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i feel so bad for ayesha rn so much has been leaked the past week

why is there an expectation for Blk folks to cw things like racism?

but like...genitals are all up and down the tl every day sans a cw?

make that make sense

once it comes out pdp listens to ayesha erotica it’s over

his racist dumb fuck fans are gonna listen to them now and i’m actually gonna die

ARCA???? SOPHIE??? the man is transphobic pls keep him AWAYYYYY

@heart his music taste is literally just mine and i’d like him dead. now

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pew die pie’s spotify got revealed and i’m gonna kms

getting to personal on the tl. not gonna slip up again

"ironic" nazis are definitely actual nazis because preventing normal people from being able to distinguish between irony and serious fascist language is paramount in normalising ideas

food ment 

omg ate hot dog and now my stomach is dying </3 rip me

@heart they got threatened as well w a doxx i find it very funnt

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