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Posting this without content warnings too so maybe more folks will see.

Hello all. I’m doing massive supply runs and food prep for protestors in Minneapolis today. If people can swing it and want to donate funds, my Venmo is @grahambeatrice, my paypal is and my cashapp is $grahambeatrice

Any amount helps and it will all be going to getting food and medical supplies and other necessary materials for people protesting the death of George Floyd

there will be an in person protest demanding justice for both George Floyd and Tony McDade:

tomorrow 5/29
broward county commissions office
115 S Andrews Ave, 33301, Fort Lauderdale FL

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for anyone who wants to help but isnt sure how, heres a google doc containing a list organizations to donate to, petitions to sign, and places you can call or email to demand justice

@heart twitter makes me upset idk why i keep using it i keep getting disappointed

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body horror, art 

body horror ; neocities stuf 

@heart this was in response to him and his lil friend getting hate from their tweets abt how “zoom dj sets r stupid” and then they attacked everyone 😐

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gonna work on a lil neocities thing relating to monnie but isn’t necessarily on monnie’s site :3c

*sees ppl cosplay panty from paswg rlly well* god i wish that were me

gonna redye my hair cause it’s faded rn and i want its luscious color back

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