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my old shitty flipnotes w no animation i-

@heart there’s sound bites of me quoting invader zim i rlly was a scene kid

just went through my dsi i had since 2011 and omg there’s so many good memories there i cry...

thatkid is saying that clip isn’t ayesha but it really sounds like her....idk what to believe i’m upset

never looking up to anyone ever again i’ll just get disappointed

she could’ve said anything else.... AAAAAADHDBHDHSHDHW i’m angry

@heart someone said it’s fine because she didn’t say it w the hard er are u fuckin dumb

Twitter Jack suddenly had the bright idea of a decentralized Twitter, all on his own!!

#Tiktok is:
- Sending your searches to Facebook.
- Sending your watched videos and usage time to Appsflyer partners.
- Fingerprints the hardware of the person watching the shared video on both web browser and mobile app using canvas leak and audio API.
- Embeds sharer ID into shared video URLs, hides it via URL shortening.
- And more!

Since they do not ask for consent they're in violation of multiple EU privacy laws. :blobcatsip:

i’m seeing so many stans defend her rn....dumb dumb dumb


gnight hope i finish my art final before class tomorrow o_o

bro anyone know some good online stores for scene style cause ebay has nothing -_-

me getting justin into degrassi is so funny shshshhshshe he remembers like everything too i’ve corrupted him

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