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please remake fallout 3 and new vegas w an upgraded fo4 engine please i fuxkin beg

@heart i have a hair appointment soon and i wanna go full scene but pretty sure my mom would actually kill me

im not waiting until memorial day to post this fuck you

ec ; selfie ; kandi 

my d*mbass hasn’t added millionaires to the rawring 20s playlist. a godamn fool i am

@heart jokes on her because i cringe at how hard i tried to be “normal” in middle school and high school instead of just being myself. i’m so happy w how i’m living now

also my mom was making fun of me for being scene in front of my bf and was like “in 3 years you’ll look back and cringe” as if i won’t still be scene in 3 years 🥴

making a my first kandi mask and it’s so cute i thought this would be super hard but it’s pretty simple :D

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