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The news about Zoom these past couple of weeks just keeps getting worse and worse 🤦

"Ex-NSA hacker finds new Zoom flaws to takeover Macs again, including webcam, mic, and root access"

And a Windows one too:

sometimes i wish i was sheltered cause then that would’ve meant a little less trauma

friend hasn’t been online in 2 days and i’m probably overthinking but i hope she’s ok o_o

now i have to spend like 7 dollars on amazon(which im not gonna do at all i will find a fuckin way) because their dumbasses dont have a bandcamp. pissed

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wow itunes fucked up really badly and deleted a bunch of my shit from my phone INCLUDING the medic droid i still had there and o i could cry

actually being cursed, its still on my phone but for how long..... i have more albums to put on it

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BROOO im so dumb i deleted my medic droid album off my computer and so itunes cant play it and i emptied my recycle bin and now the download link i got it from got taken down (after 10 years) WTF

angelic....but knowing it was ugly fuckface who probably leaked it leaves a bad taste in my mouth

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marina being a uk scene queen is so funny i luv her

if anyone has kreayshawn's something abt kreayshawn album to download.....gimme omg...throwing me back to 2013 when i was obsessed w marina

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