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intro even tho i lit posted on this account for a month when knzk was down 

@garfiald watchinf a goddard film are u ppproud. its not contempt sorry

folks its that time again, harrys follower pledge drive. if u dont follow me by now its for a reason. idc change it make the numbers go up i want exponential growth bby its healthy

alcohol. garfield drinking? or not ig 

forgot im meant to boost shit on here. my bad.

sex story 

I'm probably the Jayden Smith of mastodon

200 year old film professor: after studying every work of aesthetic theory ever written, I have discovered that a bugs life is actually set in purgatory,

everybody is now me, in my new line of literary analysis

my retainer's gettijg kinda stinky 🥺🥺🥺 uwu

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