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intro even tho i lit posted on this account for a month when knzk was down 

im a real muthafucka so i want u on ur baddest behaviour. im 17 so don't like entrap me or whatever. i fight garfield thru intellectual debate on the reg. gamer at heart. i am a published huffington post contributor. thats about it. poopoopeepee.

i think everyone at my school has joined a book club pyramid scheme on instagram

wait wtf @geet ur younger than me are u same academic yeat tho

the life of pablo is ye's best album if u take out half the songs and hell, some people probably like those songs the sick fucks

radiohead ranking
kid a
the bends/amsp
pablo honey

i dont like to engage in creating a sense of mystique on here. this is me

what about dialectshits and its where i need multiple shits

TONY: poo
PUSSY: poo
CHRIS: pee

on the way to becoming a rapper/producer.. i downloaded the free trial of ableton

had hummus and tabbouleh and tzatziki for dinner it was nic3

been playing a lot of red dead, i like wearing the bear hat to theatre shows and aggressively applauding the performers.

i got tinder and im really good at it as u can tell from me telling u about it

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