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intro even tho i lit posted on this account for a month when knzk was down 

love sosa, but instead it's love sousa and it's about how much keef just fucking vibes the sousaphone. it is the most relatable song of all time. it is a hit.

got my oxford interview email woop!!! god i said i had an interest in Baudrillard and postmodernism what should i read within the next 2 weeks

mm the epic media characters birthday forum post but instead its just woody harrelson

sorry i haven't been posting much, i've been down at the gym lifting weights and spitting on the ground with the other chads

@lennie horseshow theory: poopoo and peepee are the same thing

healyn at 16:47 - "I have tremendous respect for turkeys. the bastards of the wild"

[37 replies down thread]

mads at 23:31 - "sucking dick is like a less physically draining form of conversation"

[71 replies down thread (different branch)]

larry davis at 2:16 - "the later seasons of fullmetal alchemist are by far the most fucked there ever have been"

sag szn bbbbyyyyyyyy!!!! please do not explain to me how personalities are actually fascist, garf, last time that happened i ended up writing a 4000 word essay

gonna be really bad when i do a face reveal at 18 and you all find out im actually felix biderman

whats ur favourite thing to say while ur mate is on the phone to their mum?

i like "that bongs upside down", "put down that baby" or, a synthesis of the two: "that baby is upside down"

checking in once a month to collect my royalties

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