switching back to knzk for a while just to fuck up any possible archiving that garf nerd might try.

*implying there is any content on this account*

did i ever mention the time i made $20 from a garfield related photoshop?

please i dont understand how this works and i absolutely REFUSE to read the manual

by local timeline do they mean hot singles near me or just everyone who can do english

hop in the time machine
take a trip back to August 16

Y'all, I'm on a business trip in Houston. this is my first time in the city, so I figured I'd get the "authentic Houston experience" by not driving at all and walking the half mile radius around my hotel. It's so dismal it makes me giddy. Come along with me, won't you?

This website would be great if it wasn't for the posts

at gamer hogwarts they use a sorting fedora

*public radio voice* from npr, this is national public radio. i'm guy talking

tirelessly painting my collection of racist civil war figurines to battle the warhammer 40k kids.

guys be like "the katana is superior because the steel has been folded over a dozen times" and i'm like "so have my ass and balls"

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