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new alt: @happyfork

for cataloging my attempts to make a ghost dating sim/hopefully learn how to use unity (probably in reverse order).

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2020 New Years Resolutions (two weeks late) 

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Hey I'm gonna do a post because I just realized I never did one after moving to radtown. So I guess this is also an post (got both the hashtags in there. for the SEO).

Hi, I'm Casey or Happyfork! I'll pretty much answer to any variation of those, or whatever else you decide to call me. I am dating @floretwitch .

I like gardening, cooking, video game development, video game playing, tabletop rpgs, ghosts, and probably some other stuff I can't think of right now! My politics are vaguely-left haven't-read-much-theory, although I tend to get along best with anarcho-communists.

This site (or at least this instance) doesn't seem to identify much with fandom, but i might as well throw some out there: Mcelroy products, Homestuck, Nintendo generally, uhhh... whatever I happen to be into at the moment.

Replys, random @s, DMs, whatever are all welcome! I want to make friends but idk how.

Then after that, maybe update an old app I made to convert D&D currency back and forth between denominations. Maybe flesh it out into a full inventory manager thing.

Then if I get real bold, start trying to make a game. But i might be overestimating the amount of free time I have at work now.

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i am energized. I found something that I can do at work when I have nothing to do at work.

I'm gonna make a discord bot.

uspol, sexual assault 

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SACK religious? heh, now who's committing blasphemy? 😏

I feel very strongly that I want to do something. or take care of something. but i have no idea what.

Once Bernie's inaugurated, the next day we're all getting back up on the damn barricade and working to tear this government down, right?

rambling, potentially privileged/oblivious analysis of fedi dynamics 



my "irl name"? oh, you mean my worksona

Unions should demand executives' compensation be capped at something relative to the lowest-paid position. I feel like that would be good. And unions can get it done faster and better than government can.

I don't think property laws are going away anytime soon so in the meantime I propose: property reset.

All claims to property rights end on a specific day. Like the purge or smth. And then everyone just gets whatever they can get. The first home they enter. And all the stuff inside.

The compromise buttigieg is asking us to make is go more right so we can work with the right, but inherent to this is a decision to abandon and thus lose support of the left. Bernie says lets try to bring in more of the left because he has the Washington experiencing to know that the republicans don't compromise. The right will never work with even the centrist dems like Obama. I think this needs to be pointed out to Buttigieg supporters that don't think history matters in Washington.

alright fine here's the context:

I have the opportunity to pursue a new job.


-I plan on moving in about a year and a half and this new job is in the city I want to live in while my current job isn't.
-New job will pay more, but not like *significantly* more.


-Taking the job will probably move my plans forward by a year or so & I have family and friends in this city.
-I haven't worked at my current job very long (3 months), and I don't want to let my employers flounder w/o an employee or look flaky on my resume.
-Real chance of getting reliant on the income & the job I'm passionate about not paying as much.

Kind of a wash:

-I have to be licensed in new state to work there, but I'm going to be moving there eventually anyway.
-Neither new or current job are what I'm really passionate about.

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