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Joe has also bragged about how he has "doxxed" people that he deems "communists" when in reality they are just people.
He is known to stalk people as well. Please stay vigilant & safe.
If you see him alert your local Anti-Fascists.

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Joe is a threat to our community.
He's clearly coming unhinged. He's resorting to harassment & intimidation w/ the hope that it escalates to violence.
Joe Henry Dunsmore is a licensed teacher, & is the main administrator for @/rightminnesota (twitter) & potentially runs @/watchunicorn (twitter)

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¡¡¡ !!!
Joe Dunsmore, a local American Identity Movement & Patriot Front advocate & known fascist has started to visit local community centers and community members homes.
He has been targeting people he deems to be "antifa terrorists".
Here is his picture

there is a violent fascist group prowling the streets right now in , - specifically the LGBTQ district on Dickson St. The hate group Hiwaymen have shown up armed with knives and looking for a fight. People are urged to avoid them.

Alerta! We have some really nasty fash doing a march in town on Sunday May 5th at 1pm near the Harlow Road I-5 overpass.

ALERTA! Fascist anti-immigrant rally in Huntington Beach this Saturday! Call your friends and family, and defend our immigrant brothers and sisters. NO PLATFORM FOR FASCISM, Y NO PASARÁN!

i discovered that this guy is also on the fediverse by browsing his twitter profile briefly, but i do not know what his @ on here is right now. heads up

THREAD: A suspicious man in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, has been reported as following women home from parking lots. The cops aren't doing anything about it. Based on his license plates and photos shown to a witness, I've ID'd him as Bill Scuorzo, CEO of BCG Advisors.

Raw data dump of the full archives of Gab, the preferred social media platform for alt-right/neo-Nazis, scraped regularly from when it launched in 2016 until around 2/4/19

stay safe comrades! always use google voice or a similar anonymous phone service when calling a nazis job

, parent company to Seals Ambulance, in Indiana - do you recognize your EMTs? Peter Earl Diezel is an actual Nazi, outed in leaks.

Being such a virulent racist & anti-Semite, how can your company be sure he's giving proper care to your patients?

A fascist, Trump-supporting family in Ohio appropriates and sells indigenous art and crafts for profit... Can’t make this shit up!

A fascist from Dayton Ohio with previous ties to TWP and current ties to IE/AIM has been outed as none other than Jacalyn Grace Thomas, daughter of Lisa Thomas who owns Kokopelli's Gift House in Dayton, Ohio.
Read more about her white supremacist

Meet 63-Year-Old Identity Evropa nazi Mitchell Craig Brooks from Monroe, Georgia. Dumbass posted his Facebook profile photo to Discord where is known as @OMGDwayne (which is also one of his old twitter handles.)

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