The KKK is planning a rally in downtown Portland, Oregon on February 8th. Spread the word.

light upon light is a hategroup actively attempting to infiltrate leftist organizations. click link for thread, i am too sleepy to copy and paste the whole thing.

here’s a twitter thread with additional information on what happened the last time they were allowed to meet

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hatred, and normalize violence against trans people. This is a mockery of real activism and I hope you will do the right thing and cancel this event.
If this event is not cancled we will be forced to boycot your resterant and show up in protest of this event.
Have a good day.

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(253) 759-9009
Hi my name is ________
I am calling because I am deeply concerned about the Virginia Taylor Republicans club meeting that will be happening at your restarant monday night. Their invited speaker Lynn Meangher is an antitrans activist. This is an excuse to promote...

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Tomorrow Knapp's restaurant in Tacoma is hosting an anti transgender event from 6-8pm call them and let them know that anti trans dirt bags aren't welcome here. Below is the number and a potential script.

Josh Graham here thinks death threats are cute and works at Cook medical in Bloomington. Give them a call at 812.339.2235, 800.457.4500, or email to ask about why they employ fascists.

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Patriot Prayer associate films minors, harrasses them to provoke a fight, follows them off of a train at night.

check out this infoleak of neonazi forum iron march, comrades are getting banned from twitter just for posting the link

Antifascists have dumped a massive amount of information on the 'Iron March' forums, a neo-Nazi message board that spawned Vanguard America, Patriot Front, and Atomwaffen Divison.

oh oops my finger slipped and posted andy ngos address, how terrible

proud boys crashing midwest furfest (cw for slur) 

on the bright side of things it’s pretty funny that their chats have been so heavily infiltrated that they just post public announcements in it since they know it’ll leak

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