@Pixley sarah and i went to a sculpture park and this guy's poetry was all over it, and it mostly fell into categories of 1) lions 2) decay 3) aggressively christian 4) weirdly horny

@grant I hope you had a nice time at the cursed sculpture park

@Pixley there were also things there that i would describe as "actual sculptures" but the whole forest trail was pretty much this. i forgot to take a picture of the caged mannequin head.

@Pixley i also forgot to take a picture of the poem about the frogs who don't know about crucifixions

@grant I bet they're happier than the ones that do know about crucifixions

@Pixley the end was something about the tadpoles lining up to pray as soon as they get knees


@grant @Pixley the ties strike me as the type of thing where a person dresses up a tree as their imagined lover so they can have sex with it

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