man goes to his therapist. says he's been pretty sad lately. says he's been having trouble finding the joy in things.

therapist asks him if there have been any times he *has* been happy recently. man thinks for a second, then nods. says he's felt comparatively joyful on his commutes home every night, riding the bus downtown from capitol hill.

therapist closes his notebook and nods. "that makes sense," he says. "bus 10 makes me feel good, too."

i showed this to sarah and she said "aww! he had a nice bus ride!"

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doing some Ric Flair wooos after reading this just to expel the energy.

@grant what do I need to know in order to understand this?

hint, think Ray Parker, expand for more 

@lastfuture @grant "Bustin' makes me feel good" is one of the lyrics from the Ghostbusters song from the 80s movie

@grant I usually share bad jokes and puns I read online with Spouse, because I enjoy inflicting pain on him. this one hurt so much I have to keep it to myself.

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