there are some very disturbing google image results out there for "turban sage"

Sweater and shorts:

Fun fact: "Take The Money and Run" by The Steve Miller Band can be about Billie Jo and Bobbie Sue if you want. Billie Jo is never referred to by any pronouns in the song (though Bobbie Sue, whoa, she slipped away).


"Wyoming representative Liz Cheney and Meghan McCain have volunteered, unasked-for, as blonde Christian Loraxes, prepared at all times to speak for the Jews. […]

"But Jews are not trees, not animals, not mute props to use as cudgels in a war of escalating rhetoric. We do not need to be spoken for […]. We are not waiting for your apocalypse."

I’m just here for the echo chamber. Karl Marx is a fake leftist and pizza is a sandwich if and only if it has pineapple. Any interaction is an agreement.

Saddest Four Word Story 

In Disney’s new Special Edition when the Emperor dies he makes the Goofy falling off a cliff yell now.

What if we did public transit, but for like 5 rich dudes instead of everyone - Elon Musk

Millennials love Tumblr, but they could be a little Humblr.

Me, a Law and Order SVU character 

I can’t believe this is a real store, it reads exactly like a shitpost

Hyperdimensional Psychokinetic Wife, I Can *See Time* Now I Have No Control Over Any Of My Sphincters

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