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i am both the guy who died jerking off at pompeii and the person who got crushed by a rock acme style at pompeii

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sincere white boy voice 

found out former lapd chief of police daryl gates was cremated and i would like to know where that urn is located. its definitely not so that i can take a shit in it. i promise.

oh at least they arent driving tanks into the front of ppls homes on the nightly news and injuring kids anymore. that movie SWAT had the use of one of those things as an Epic moment.

i got pulled over and the cop told me i had a gang injunction as a “joke”

they should be giving out gang injuctions to the fucking lapd

benny the butcher made an album about the plugs he met and im gonna write a book on the posts ive made

the “like and or boost your reply to my post” patreon tier

im gonna become an influencer. influence everybody to give me money. put my friendship behind a paywall. you have to buy characters to text me with like the minutes on a pre paid cell phone

these are my business casual cargo shorts and nike air monarchs for family court and bbqs both

bruh i had to explain gravity to my coworker who was trying to “im not saying i believe the earth is flat, but....” his was thru a conversation

i’m either going astronaut or full on flat earth conspiracy guru it’s honestly up to nasa at this point bro

these underground rappers with soulful beats and mafioso coke rap personas always gotta slip in some weird homophobia. that shit never fails

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