it was refreshing to come back and just let ppl make the decision on their own if they still want to rock w me

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you’ll cowards scared to clout prestige like i did

gonna write something thats deeply personal and important to me. gonna make it into a tv show. gonna get it on a channel those weirdo writers who salivate over prestige tv watch. gonna have a youtuber completely own me by saying the ending meant the whole show was a dream.

pouring crystals of raw sodium (tajin) on the rim of my beer can

stove god cooks all over the place on it. thats wild how far that dude has come since that random verse on marcielago. wasnt even that long ago.

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my dad is really looking forward to the shia labeouf movie i was talking about this morning lol

*connects free pandora to bluetooth speaker*

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hey, go inside and tell your mom the carne is almost done

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wild that prince paul claims him explaining the idea of the gravediggaz to ice cube was the genesis for westside connection

thing about this website is that nobody in my real life knows what foss is

hyperlocall on main 

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