I'm pleased to announce;

mastoji.uk is now up! All your favorite instances, favorite emojis, all available for you to download in one easy place!

If you want me to add or remove your instance, DM me, and I'll do it as soon as I can!

@goat this is a neat idea and it's pretty cool to see a lot of ones i made on here

@evan I'll probably upload zips so that they're easier to download and add but right now I want them to be online and visible! Thanks!

@goat if i recall americassweathe.art had some really cute animal crossing emojis!!! any way you could get those on there?

@citrustwee is that the instance name? bcs its down and I probably can't. But I'll have a look and see if anyone else had them

@infra will add once im back at a terminal and sober <3

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