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Hacking a roomba so it gives blowjobs

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selfie, boosts ok!! 

Having some unplanned down time folks

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Hey! A quick shoutout, I'm not here anymore. I'm now @goat! Come follow me there for more good content!

Hey come watch mine and my friends relaxing SIM stream im dying

Anyone having issues using on It won't work for me

I wanna move to my own instance but I don't wanna be that bitch who's always hopping instance (tbf I think I already am)

No one will speak for you! If you do not speak for yourself! Rise up Comrades!

Good Morning!

My Kobold Bard canonically plays leftist protest songs

Listening to Leftist Tunez on the way to work to prepare myself for another day of having my labor stolen at the hands of capitalism

Solidarity Forever,
For The Onion makes us strong!

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I wouldn't fuck a skeleton, but i would Love a skeleton.

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actually really pissed I havent been paid. I have a decent buffer so I'm not fucked but goddammit it's pissing me off. and i know I'm going to get no compensation from my company for this

it's been 4 days and I still haven't been paid for last month. guess its time for a labour strike

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I'm so glad the Wachowski Sisters invented mastodon a week ago. 🙏

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