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Hacking a roomba so it gives blowjobs

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Mastodon feels like early twitter. We're all tooting about our days and lunches and lives with no cares, celebrities aren't here yet, there's the all-consuming dark shadow hanging over us threatening to plunge us into the tyranny of capitalism, The apps always a little weird.

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mastodon is just twitter with the i dont want to see or be seen by straight people turned on

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If you think people should able to commit ? SMASH THAT MOTHERFUCKING TOOT BUTTON

An eternal reminder if you want me to tag something, or I forget to tag something, call me out or dm me. I would rather that than upset someone.

just took my estradiol with red wine


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If I ever meet @Gargron IRL I will have to buy him a drink for all the shitposting I've done to annoy him in the past year :/

@Gargron I challenge you! On The Field of battle! One vs One, Goat Vs Man!

Also, by setting my server to do DNS instead of my shitty Sky router, I now have as my DNS provider instead of Google! Except on all the devices I unthinkingly put into :/

AJJ content on the timeline is VERY GOOD

I really hate that, now that I'm older and know weird hacker types, I could actually GET a fake ID but I have no need for one :c

It's so weird reading CV's for your future replacement.

Once I hit 500 i will migrate again and start my own instance

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lord, grant me the self righteous courage of a straight white man in his 50's who's never been challenged on anything.

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-generally pretty neurotypical
-never have thoughts of violence
-create stylish trends
-relationships are all pretty intact
-heart is in the right place
-make art that makes people feel good

-I could go off the deep end
-I could kill all my best friends
-I could follow stylish trends
-God knows I could make amends
but I've got an angry heart
-filled with cancers and Poppy tarts
-if this is how you folks make art, it's fucking depressing

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