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Hey, my name is Yarrow I'm a and an and I love learning herbal medicine/solarpunk things. I'll post rants about my illnesses (physical and mental) and my many fixations (the paranormal, Adam Driver, succulents).

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Lucifer, Satan, and every demon you can think of is trans. :sigil: :heart_trans:

imagine thinking the christian god is cis lmao

I remember a (white feminist) teacher of mine who was talking a about patriarchy and then randomly starts talking about how "the Muslim god is male" but also considered herself to be woke....

this is an equal level of hate with charlie hebdo drawing Muhammad or atheists calling Muhammad a pedophile.

The Islamic god does not have a gender, is not black or white, doesn't have a physical shape. That's why you see Muslims using calligraphy, because god isnt a thing you depict in this world.

reading a post about unrest in Chicago after cops murdered someone

some liberal in the comments:

"Think more deeply about this. We are about 85 days out from the most important election. Are there forces that want to see looting and rioting? The looting, protesting, all of it, has to take a pause. We got to win an election. If we don't, it is over."

if anybody ever learned what fascism was in their American public school education, it was almost certainly an accident and the offending teacher was likely fired

uspol, rw extremism 

At least 19 QAnon candidates will be on the congressional ballot in November.

Parents bought new living room furniture today. They're giving the old set away. The old friend of my dad who he still stays in touch with even though he's a die hard Trump supporter is coming to get the recliner on Wednesday. It's agreed that I will hide in my room.

ACAB stands for All Celestial bodies Are Bastards

I’m watching my brother’s dog Ralphie today. Look at this damn nudnik.

For other White/Cis/Straight/American folks 

Hey! If you're on here following a diverse crowd of people who you feel you're learning a lot from, great, awesome, you should DEFINITELY check if they have a donation link or subscription service! It's not something I've always been perfect at remembering either, I get it, try not to spend too much time fretting over it instead of fixing it.

We are learning from them, and that's labor. Pay people for the privilege of your becoming a better person. They deserve it, and we owe it.

Seattle opens 3rd public test site (covid) 

#Seattle opens 3rd public #COVID19 test site at Rainier Beach High School.

What you'll need to get free testing:

A photo ID with your date of birth. Testing is available regardless of your citizenship/immigration status.

Insurance card, if you have insurance. You will not be charged for the test. You do not need to have insurance or a doctor's note to schedule a test.

if you aren't engaging in self-criticism & self-reflection, even e.g. w/telling jokes, you will reproduce the harmful structures you were trained by. There's no 'pure' core identity that makes our speech or actions good b/c of stated ideological commitments or identities &c.

It feels harder–less fun & whimsical & cool–to have to think deeply on what the consequences of what you say & do might be for people unlike you, obviously, b/c callousness is a privilege you've got used to enjoying.

North Seattle Local: Want to help some folks build a housing fair to help displaced queer folks? 

Signal boosting! :blobsmilehappyeyes:

"Are you impacted by COVID? Do you live in North Seattle and LGBTQ+? As more of us are displaced out of central Seattle, we need to claim more safe spaces in other Seattle areas. Join us in planning the 2nd Annual North Seattle Housing Fair! We are looking for a few more LGBTQ+ advocates who want to make a difference! Email!"

PDXpol, bombing, eye contact 

Louis Garrick Fernbaugh tried to bomb a protest (the night of 8/7). He has accounts on Facebook (under his name) and instagram (pictured). Before the attempted bombing, he made a Facebook comment on an article about the feds snatching protesters, claiming he "infiltrated antifa" and offering to collaborate with them. Considered armed and dangerous!
Car license: 465 KLC
His online business:

Report his accounts, spread his face, crash his site.

i would love to continue arguing with you, troll, but I'm off to have clean sex with my pristine, impeccable wife. thank you

Quite a few people #OnHere take time out of their day to cyberbully or belittle others (even on the sly, I can see between those lines too you know) when thy could just shut the fuck up instead and stop being such a bunch of losers.
Here's a shitposting pro-tip: Jokes don't have to be offensive, revolve around horrific events or cause/enable harm to others, ya nasty imagination unhavers :spritz:


Someone mentioned xenophobia on here, I have no idea what started that but I was reminded about how "leftist" white non-immigrants think it's ok to be xenophobic. It just shows that you don't care about racism if you have to have a "well it's technically not racist" group to do the same things to.

Also, different groups experience different amounts of xenophobia, so if you're one of the white immigrants who didn't experience any, don't speak over other immigrants.

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