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Hey, my name is Yarrow I'm a and an and I love learning herbal medicine/solarpunk things. I'll post rants about my illnesses (physical and mental) and my many fixations (the paranormal, Adam Driver, succulents).

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Damn, a lot of the instances I'd like to go to have registrations closed...

the denver police are using tweets as evidence to charge communists with felonies, in case you're wondering where we're at.

Wait, is this place closing? Do I need to find a new home? :blobcat_pleading:

tom waits: what are you building in there?
me: get the hell off my property

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love sleeping in my gothic castle with the window open and wearing an extremely revealing nightgown. sure hope a vampire of some kind doesn't come to threaten my virtue!!

Mh (-), self-harm 

Never fails! Bad anxiety? Hopelessness? I seek out arguments with random assholes to trigger myself. Just traded Tumblr for Facebook. I need to cut that shit out and do some self-care.

baby Wotan, warning: extreme cuteness 

Wotan was very smol once

Ratched on Netflix 

now the hitman is dead and the psychologist he was after is just tossing his body into the crematorium, how convenient

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Ratched on Netflix 

I can't with this show.

The lesbian left her gay black husband and he's threatening her that he will ruin her cushy job with the mayor.
The lesbian sees Ratched fucking the hitman and tells her to be careful, or else she'll tell them to defund the asylum. Better put the murderer (Ratched's brother) up for trial.
She lures the hitman to the asylum and they're boiling him in that tank at 150 degrees.
The lesbian just found blood on the psychologist's carpet, so he knocked her out.
Oh, and Ratched just helped the lesbian they were torturing escape!

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re: the illegal arrests of communist black lives matter organizers on trumped up charges

Ratched on Netflix, body horror 

so on this show we've got:

The psychologist who got high and cut some kid's arms off
A hit man trying to kill said psychologist
A priest-killer (Ratched's brother) who's banging the youngest nurse at the psych hospital
Secret lesbians!

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Please consider the environment when making seasonal decor choices.

i think the libs' hagiographies of an anti immigrant, anti indigenous, and anti black racist just because she voted yes on a few toothless reforms may do me in

people shouldn’t be allowed to work more than ~20hrs per week

people need time and space for themselves, but when they force themselves into a shared workspace for excessive periods day-in day-out and deny themselves personal liberties, that need doesn’t just go away

when people don’t give themselves an outlet, they end up transforming their shared workspace into a place that serves their own personal needs at the cost of those around them. this transformation is the antithesis of inclusivity

“Remember Ruth Bader Ginsburg used the doctrine of discovery against indigenous people in 2005. The doctrine of discovery was used during the conquest of the “new” world to say that you can colonize any land that isn’t inhabited by christians as non christians arent human”

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