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I've gone by Sapphire for a long time, but these days I prefer Yarrow.
Either or is fine, though.

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Hey, my name is Sapphire and I'm back to radtown after I deleted a few months back. I'm a and an and I love learning herbal medicine/solarpunk things. I'll post rants about my illnesses (physical and mental) and my many fixations (the paranormal, Adam Driver, succulents).

Please check out my Etsy shop and Facebook pages:

gnosticism? do you mean spicy chr- [i am instantly dragged off the stage by a vaudeville hook]

[Oasis voice] and after aaaaallll,
You’re my dick and baaaaalls

it's only creepypasta if it's from the creepy region of italy, otherwise it's just sparkling creepynoodles

Seemed like today was as good a day as any to rewatch Tremors on Netflix.

freelancers, what do you use to get paid? (paypal, wire, bank transfer)
asking for me bc I might need to switch things about. You can dm to this post if you feel most comfortable.

Note that I don't accept dm's in other situations from people that are not a mutual.

Hot take: Rick was never a pickle. He was just a cucumber.

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I never understood how Rick could turn himself into a pickle. A pickle doesn't just come into existence. It has to *be pickled.*

i seriously think i could train him in search and rescue. he is so smart. already learning to fetch after 2 days of practice. either that or as a therapy cat, because he's the sweetest kitten i have ever had.

I'm recursive Rick, Morty! I turned myself into Rick Sanchez who turned himself into Rick Sanchez who turned hims

joke: domming yourself into doing self-care

bespoke: doing self-care because it’s your responsibility to look after your sub

Sitting in a uncomfortably warm room with all of my former selves.

if i was a beekeeper i'd get rid of the queen bee and install a new ruler who i knew was loyal to me... you can never bee too careful with these things

Toxic ableism 

Covid-19, the holiday 

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