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hey yall, since radtown is shutting down, feel free to follow me at @geet

i think i might just start manually copying and pasting my posts into a big google doc lmao

hey @cambrian_era are you planning on fixing whatever is stopping me specifically from downloading my archive??

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what if we kissed 😳 on the radtown local timeline πŸ‘‰πŸ‘ˆπŸ₯Ί

its march and the archive exporter still doesnt work, very epic πŸ‘

every day i log onto this account, look at the local tl, and just hope that the archive exporter has been fixed

@cambrian_era hey can u fix the archive exporter, i wanna download my archive before radtown shuts down

i have "50" followers on here, and its mostly accounts from dead instances. this is epic

whats up radtown. i accidentally broke hellsite and monads is down

hey @cambrian_era is there a way to fix the archive exporter?? i've tried downloading my archive a few times over the last few months and it hasnt worked

hey yall, since radtown is shutting down, feel free to follow me at @geet

radtown is shutting down bc i recently passed 420 followers

radtown shutting down is like a digital 9/11 if you think about it

buying the radtown domain after it shuts down and starting my own instance, flailing its corpse around as a single user instance

All of the good instances are invite only, can someone shoot me an invite so I can prepare for the shutdown?

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