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hey yall, its been a while since ive posted in here because ive been very busy and not at my computer

heres a good surf rock band from las vegas called desert island boys


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hey do yall want to join my discord server?? you can do @hey yall instead of @everyone

Remembering the time I was at a party and we were playing a game of bluff and I wasn't really sure how to play so I claimed that I had seven sixes in my hand with absolute utter confidence and the rest of the group just lost it

still cant believe that in like 10 minutes im gonna see some local punk bands play at a sandwich shop

also if yall dont want to join bc you think people might spam @everyone or @hey yall, theres a rule saying that people cant use it if someone's used it recently.

there are horns in swans therefore they are a ska band

smh i dont get why frank has to be filthy can he not take a shower

hmmm love listening to swans out loud at work and them my boss comes in right when he keeps saying 'your name is fuck'

fuck you michael gira ive told you already my name is not fuck

fred flintstone how about you yabba dabba dont

lewd joke 

death grips - guillotine but it goes forever

theres also a voice channel where sometimes i sit in there and listen to the boys are back in town, alone

hey do yall want to join my discord server?? you can do @hey yall instead of @everyone

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