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hey should i do a thread for good small artists and bands that yall should check out? is that something that yalld be interested in?

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one of my friends from memphis started making music and its actually pretty good, yall should check it out. also cw the lyrics are very sad

Lewd if youre healyn 

we didnt start the fire? sounds like something an arsonist would say

saddest one word story 

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y’all i know this sucks but honestly i am dirt poor right now and i need to replenish my savings because i’ve has to dip into it loads and top surgery has never seemed so far away… please help me out if you can i’m begging you

mc ride told me that hes in my area but i dont see him ??

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got a new idea for a tv show its called "what if a rich person gave laurie all of their money" i've got it all sorted, now i just need a rich person

hey does anyone wanna play quiplash or tee ko later?

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1 boost = 1 momentary blip of euphoria immediately replaced by a yearning that can't be fulfilled

ill go from birthday geet back to regular geet

damn just a half hour left of birthday

if you dont put pineapple on pizza youre a cop

i was gonna do like a game of quiplash or something later but turns out i cant

fuck, my internets like, extremely down

update: their friend is still here, idk if I'll be able to do anything other than post

Bro! You just married American woman! You are going to loose subscriber!

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after the amazon strike is over im gonna start streaming on twitch, but only the google chrome dinosaur game

tbh shout out to people that fav and/or boost my posts even when its not a reply

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