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Technically all my posts are shitposts cuz I feel like shit all the time and that's what I post about.
They are also all jokes cuz my life is a joke.

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Once I'm fully compliant with my meds and therapeutic plans its all over for you...
Maladaptive behaviors

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why you should get the flu vaccine and why that relates to covid-19 

now, if the vaccine had about a 50% effectiveness, even for as short a period as like 3 months, and everyone who could get the vaccine in america did, and everyone committed to wearing masks, then even with that 50%, we could ABSOLUTELY demolish the virus. with people being cautious, and 1/2 of people being immune, we would absolutely be able to knock this shit out of the park within the 3 months.

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why you should get the flu vaccine and why that relates to covid-19 

the flu vaccine works because enough people get it that every year, the spread of the flu is impaired. if 30% of people able to get the flu vaccine do, then that’s 30% of people that when they come in contact w someone infected, it’s a “dead end” for the virus. it doesn’t spread to that person, and thus doesn’t spread to everyone that person comes in contact with.

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what health organizations are sharing in staff calls re: COVID 

hi y’all, i work for a healthcare org in the u.s. and i wanted to share what the current conversation is internally around covid.

the vaccine will not be signaling the end of social distancing. only 1/3rd of americans polled currently say they would get the vaccine, and the FDA is going to pass the first vaccine that hits the 50% effectiveness mark.

these numbers do not indicate that we will be able to “beat” the virus w/ a vaccine.

"Migrants are not scared victims waiting to be rescued. They are self-organizing and building power together. Farm workers have been successfully organizing sit-down and slow-down strikes and setting up worker committees at their farms. Over the past two months, migrant workers across the country have been raising their collective voice further to call for full immigration status for all." #Justice4MigrantWorkers

nihilipotency (n)
the process, state, or quality of having command over nothing

I just saw the most bullshit flowery description of an app job. I've literally never seen this amount of "overly positive rhetoric" to weasel around the fact that the job is very demanding without guaranteeing minimum wage.

I am once again asking my mom to understand that just because I had a day where I had Multiple complex conversations with her doesn't mean that I can do that every day and am now fully functioning.

The icon for the google maps app changed. I wonder what shitty new features they added

I'd rather be asleep having a nightmare than feel as uncomfortable as I do rn

I hope people check their follow requests 🤷‍♀️

I smashed my middle right finger while carrying heavy furniture and the entire tip of my finger is bruised including beneath the nail.....

August migration folks, when did you make you first Log On to Post?

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