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Technically all my posts are shitposts cuz I feel like shit all the time and that's what I post about.
They are also all jokes cuz my life is a joke.

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Once I'm fully compliant with my meds and therapeutic plans its all over for you...
Maladaptive behaviors

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I smashed my middle right finger while carrying heavy furniture and the entire tip of my finger is bruised including beneath the nail.....

August migration folks, when did you make you first Log On to Post?

Kindness is not an inherent personality trait. To struggle, to love, and to be kind are active states of being. You have to go against much social conditioning to be kind. Its a choice. Make the choice to be kind.

But also, be reasonable.

You're not going to love the hate out of a Nazi.

Choose to be kind but understand not everyone is worthy of your kindness. This is being kind to yourself. You deserve kindness, too.

When bae catches you hiding in a trash compactor because you think cubes have more fun.

hellooo, it's 2018, when you fire your employees give them back their skeletons

despite all my wives i’m still just a cat who can drive

Have you considered that 2 men might want to be in a sexually charged sword fight?

Oh crap, I forgot to do the #ff I was planning.
Follow these cat based bot and bit accounts! They're cute and fun

More shows with women. More shows with Gay folks. More shows with Trans folks. More shows with Black and Brown and Yellow and Red folks.

More. I want more. Push the mother fucking pedal through the floor.

The world is a much better place when there's just... more.

I accidentally post on rad town still but plz follow my main
This is where I post from now

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