My kid just walked up to me, touched my arm, and said I had the “butt touch” and that because he had his fingers crossed I couldn’t return it to him.

In preschool I had ones w a little fox on them and I had a friend who had and alligator on his and we used to pretend we could turn into those animals

In the age of fursonas I’m really surprised we haven’t brought back those polo shirts w little animal patches on them

pour overs are what happens when u take stoner logic and apply it to coffee

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Few games are so influential, even in the year 2019 standard TPC/UPD ports are still reserved for it

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radiohead, radioshoulders, radioknees and radiotoes (radiotoes)

It’s been a hot minute since I literally yelled at my tv cause of bad writing but then I watched the pilot to the umbrella academy

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BTW the reasons smooth jazz died extremely suddenly in the late 2000s were not because people stopped listening to it

Smooth jazz died because Arbitron/Nielsen switched to these devices that automatically picked out what radio station listeners were listening to based in inaudible pings registered on devices that they carry, called portable people meters

The problem with these devices is that they don't pick up softer music as well as louder music

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When you roast someone’s taste in apples, that’s a Braeburn

Phew I’m back. Phone app had logged me out and I had to find my password.

Time to start the shoulders. LYS was closed all week I’ve been hand winding hanks all week and I hate it.

Everyone be QUIET for a minute I’m trying to POOP

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