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Cancel any and all employers still saying "we're always taking applications" that isn't a temp service in 2020. :BoostOK:

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Anyone want a buddy? I like politics, anime, sticker/ patches/ buttons/ etc, and tech! :heart_bi:

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Wisconsin has had a new governor for a while now. When are unions going to stop being illegal? And when are they going to get healthcare? :blobhyperthink:

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I already knew I was going to have to wait another hour to go to bed because I started uploading the videos only a few minutes ago. Peertube is already at 80%, but VidLii is only at 21%; about a half hour later. I uploaded on YouTube mobile which probably took about a half hour, but I haven't uploaded on YouTube desktop in a long time. The video is ~9 minutes long and 1.2 GB.

I got my state tax refund today! Valentine's Day is a lovely day, indeed! 🥂🍷🥇💵💰🤑

Good morning! I'm going to fulfill some of your wildest dreams and go back to bed! ! :blobcatflower:

I would much rather go to bed, but I should stay up, so I don't wake up too early. :blobcatnight: Eating dinner might help.

Valentine's Day chocolates! Two of them are gifts! Of course, I always get myself something for Valentine's Day.

It was the day before Valentine's Day
And all through the house
Not a creature was stirring
And it better not be a goddamn mouse

Even though there were no outside decorations
There were chocolates 🍫 and cherries 🍒 to be had inside
Because self-love is just as valid and important
As long as we retain love for ourselves, our community, our friends, and our family, life is a great ride!
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Oh my god I can’t believe I forgot to post this my dad got a new DOG his name is CHAUNCEY and he’s ducking HUGE

I can expect to see my tax refund between the 22nd and 29th, because I forgot my bank information like an idiot. :blobcatmeltcry: :blobcatgoogly:

Woman disrupts Bloomberg event in Chattanooga, TN. 🔥

Average Americans are sick and tired of oligarchy! ❤️

First Nation peoples and Canadian allies who are blocking the rail systems, this is how you make the settler state tremble. You are costing them upwards of billions.

Keep fucking fighting.


it's 2:20 am. It's -20 feels like -40 outside, and I'm considering going to the 24-hour grocery store because I'm just that hungry. :blobcat3c:

For those of you who don't have multiple phone numbers, the number that you used to sign up on job websites and fill out applications with is the number that scammers have. I suggest using any phone app to get multiple numbers so your personal number will not get scam and spam calls.

If you haven't set up your living will, treatment directive, medical directive, whatever other name that goes by where you live, you need to set that up now! if you know you don't want to be resuscitated, or live life with brain damage or half brain dead, your doctor and family and health care provider need to know that! If someone else gets to make the decision, you might end up in a bad situation.

I have no intention of going to any of the Minneapolis/ St. Paul meetups that I sign up for. I just like to scare people with the idea that I might attend. :blobcatmeltthumb: :blobcatnight:

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