don't have a cow. It’s very easy to not have a cow; just start out with no cows and then carry on as usual.

@fructose_dealer thank you I was wondering how to not have a cow and this is a good guide

@fructose_dealer ive got this down what i really need to know is how *to* have a cow bcuz cow sweet and friend

@marie_joseph cows are so good! we've kept up our agreement not to eat one another

@fructose_dealer this one time I unexpectedly found myself in possession of a cow.

I didn't plan on having a just happened. It's pretty difficult to not have a cow when you suddenly....have this cow to deal with.

Starting with no cows is the key. Trust me on this.

@fructose_dealer I was led to believe by an animated celebrity this would be far more insurmountable a task. Thank you.

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