i will legit record myself singing Nickleback if this toot gets 100 boosts

if this shit actually happens I'm gonna scream (either Someday or How You Remind Me; without looking up the lyrics)

@interneteh it would either be someday or how you remind me tbh..photograph makes my brain hurt

@interneteh god dammit Chad Kroeger's face always looks like a photoshopped face

@interneteh @fructose_dealer why is this not tagged as sensitive content? Last warning for rogue Kroeger (Roeger) posting


You forgot the punchline:

"For 100 dollars + 100 boosts I will throw away the recording w/o sharing it."

@fructose_dealer @PublicChaffinch who doesn't like Nickelback?

Most people.

Who doesn't like acapella renditions?

Most people.

Still, why not?

@SarriesfanLuke @fructose_dealer I don't like the Nickelback guys voice. And acapella depends on nice voices, not everyone can pull it off :-)

@PublicChaffinch @fructose_dealer do you know what Chad Kroeger says when he hears someone doesn't like his voice?

🎶It's too bad it's too bad
Too late, so wrong, so long
It's too bad we had no time to rewind 🎶

@healyn you're support means a lot to me at this difficult time

@fructose_dealer "how you remind me" please, if it's going to be bad it should be epically so, equally if it's going to be good

pardon me while i just
get a little jojo into your thread
about nickelback


okay that's all

@DiscountBinNinja "your thread about nickleback" fuck i hate being confronted by what ive created..what ive become :blobdaveytears:


I'm listening to "Rockstar" by Nickelback, from the album All the Right Reasons.

That one? The uncensored version, please. If I hear "drugs come cheap" or "a drug dealer on speed dial" omitted once more, as it used to be on some local radio stations, I'll scream.

@fructose_dealer i was looking forward to not enjoying this. very disappointed that you're a good singer

@themorgangoats :blobmelt: aww i can't actually stay on key but i can warble real good

@fructose_dealer this just confirms that every piece of art can be improved if it becomes gay as hell

@DirectorBlack "art" lol
And thank you! :blobheart: I like to think I provide a service

@fructose_dealer your service is the same as most people on here

- be gay

- be leftist as hell

- and shitpost to your heart's content

getting lewd 

@fructose_dealer I, I, I think I like Nickelback now? My brain can't process this.

You have a lovely voice, great effort following through.

@SarriesfanLuke :chick_happy: aw thank you! I'm really not that talented but i love making melodic mouth sounds to the best of my ability :chick_dizzy:

@fructose_dealer I don't know who you are, what I just witnessed, or why this happened. But I am glad to have been here. The highest of fives.

@fructose_dealer Okay, BUT which Nickleback song? That's vital information there.

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