Hey fedi- I used to work at a thrift store; and if you are donating some old books, here are some that aren't worth the resources spent transporting, sorting, and pricing them because they just don't sell:
- cookbooks
- dictionaries
- encyclopedias
- best seller novels like HP, Twilight, The Hunger Games, etc. So many of these are donated that most don't move
- self-help books, especially best sellers, for the same reason
- Chicken Soup for anyone's soul
thank you and boosts +

@fructose_dealer thank you for this! I have often wondered whether my stuff was "fit to donate" -- glad to see that it probably is!

@hafnia working in the book department was my fave! the best are old textbooks because some folks sell them as a side gig

@fructose_dealer oh nice to know that textbooks are good at thrift stores. I’ve had them rejected from secondhand bookstores almost always

@vulcao some folks sell them as a side gig, i remember a few coming in when i was bringing them out on the floor to get the first pick at them :blobcatbreadpeek: if they're fairly new they sell!

@fructose_dealer is this true even for semi popular cookbooks

@Torie yeah unfortunately..I always hated having to throw out the latest from (also i know the webmaster of this site and it's worth a visit..) but people don't snap most of them up :chick_content:

@fructose_dealer What about obscure theological treatises? Asking for my grandfather's library

@petra Those sound good tbh! Folks book shopping at thrift stores are looking for obscure stuff much of the time (now I think of it maybe this is why popular books don't sell well there; folks are more likely to just order those from Amazon..)

@fructose_dealer That's good to hear—I think he's a bit worried that nobody will ever want them!

@fructose_dealer Don't many donors only care about taking a tax deduction?

@fructose_dealer Tangentially, one of my favorite thrift store book finds ever was a Turkish-English dictionary in a town of 800 people in Texas.

I never used it, but you can be damn sure I bought it!

@fructose_dealer seen so many popular series were they have all but the first in the series.

@fructose_dealer so what *do* you flip? Personally I would have expected complete encyclopedias or dictionaries would be popular, but I guess the existence of the internet is changing their value....

@fructose_dealer Books to prisoners programs, on the other hand, usually need all the dictionaries they can get.

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