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bless everyone who boosts any of my toots for being brave enough to allow the phrase "trash dragon cum spigot" to pollute their profile

I mean shit, sometimes i just wanna make some fuckin *posts*

If you're bored, you can design a bird in your head. Its legal and the mods can't stop you

Shampoo your nuts?

*Mitch Hedberg voice* a vibrator can never break, it can only become a dildo

I used to be an imageboard moderator, so i know i can face these difficult times

thought something was up with my weather app today cause i hadn't seen the sun icon before

if you're a sex worker with a racecar bed, are you a rideshare driver?

i don't have a gay agenda, but i do have a trans mission

i miss my car. an enclosed space to scream in is important if you're me

constructing a pillow fort to hold out in for the next week

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