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couples halloween costume ideas for 2020 save this:

car and dropped destination pin
ringpop and 👅
👍 and subscription bell
AMD and Intel
book and bookmark
🍑 and 🍆 and 👀
doordash and postmates and Ubereats
a revealing costume featuring the Tumblr icon and a notice that your post has been flagged

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I just made an account to say I love Linkin Park

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One of the best lessons I think for everyone to learn is the lesson of Intent vs. Impact.

The impact of your words might be different than what you intended.

It doesn't matter what you intended, as the impact is what reached the other party

Even if you meant well, if you hurt someone with your words or actions, apologize anyways. It doesn't matter your intent, you hurt someone.

it doesn't mean you're a bad person, it just means there was a communication error, and you should apologize for it

im gonna, you know, eventually, do the thing

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ass, gas, or grass. long ago the three nations lived in harmony

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feelings down, expectations up, that's the way I like to fuck (my life)

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when i die, donate my tiddy to a lifetime of regret

also if your napkin *isn't* sanitary, don't put that shit on your face you nasty boi

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I don't understand people who ask me for hair suggestions. look at me, this is my choice. get like me

i have literally never heard anyone say 'sanitary napkin'

zoomers don't know why the 💾 and 📞 symbols look like that

i only had one series of horrible events happen to me, but it was renewed for several seasons

my puny human brain cannot imagine a punishment fitting whoever came up with the word "cravable"

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more pennies than you know what to do with, a centsory overload

"All right, This is the last straw!" I exclaim, announcing our company's decision to instead provide cups with sipping lids to reduce environmental waste

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always remember that you are beautiful and valid :chick_heart_nb:

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