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I just made an account to say I love Linkin Park

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if you're a sex worker with a racecar bed, are you a rideshare driver?

i don't have a gay agenda, but i do have a trans mission

i miss my car. an enclosed space to scream in is important if you're me

constructing a pillow fort to hold out in for the next week

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might fuck around and become the stuff of legend

international boyfriend championships semifinalist

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lewd bad don't open 

what's a fisting enthusiast's favourite beverage?



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"One day laddie, all this will be yours!"
"What, the curtains?"
"No not the curtains laddie, all you can see! You can have it all.. my empire of dirt...I will let you down.. I will make you hurt"

crosby, stills, and nash; long ago the three nations lived together in harmony

documentaries are just formal reaction videos

in other news, someone totalled my car when i was at work (i was a delivery driver, now less so) so that's what's new

love to read holiday gift guides to find which of my favourite publications think I'm going to spend $24 for a plate

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