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I just made an account to say I love Linkin Park

i can neither confirm nor deny being a cinnamon roll

I want to go to one of those locations that aren't participating.

boomers will never understand the pain and rage expressed by "lol."

lewd shitpost 

balls are good i don't care what the haters say. they're like scenery for your dick. rolling hills. your dick is the castle

I've never heard a man described as "dressed to kill". "i'm not too hopeful about these peace talks, look at the president, he's dressed to kill"

i simply can't muster any feelings at all about joe biden

follow me @veryDavie to track my sun badge progress

why is my khan academy password so I think the Russians are going to do my homework for me?

enjoying the money and time I'm saving by only applying makeup to half my face

sjws want to remove the jiggle physics of my beautiful, beautiful thighs

if you're a sex worker with a racecar bed, are you a rideshare driver?

life is unpredictable, kid. always look both ways before crossing a one-way street.

oreos and hotdogs aren't sandwiches for reasons i feel but cannot entirely explain

welcome to: today
population: me, against my will

*to the tune of Sold Out Dates* burnt out brain, math every day

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