I've gotten so used to not have companies and advertisements on masto that other social media is fucking awful now

Instagram has an ad every 3-4 posts. Why the FUCK do people still use that platform??

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Most of these platforms started out free of ads. That all turned out to just be a way of getting a bigger userbase on the site before introducing As Many Ads As Possible. Would be kind of hard for Masto to fall down the same rabbit hole, but somehow it still wouldn't surprise me

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@fortunos if you create a new account there are no ads for the first couple of weeks while they get you addicted because they know exactly how many ads they can get away with

@radikalgrafitio Oh no they're not ads they're "sponsored posts". Twitter and Reddit are filled with them. They're algorithmically indistuinguishable from normal posts since that's just what they are.

Or apps that lock functionality to phones so you'll need to set up some sort of raspberry pi shit to filter out your internet traffic? You think it's a coincidence instagram doesn't let people post from a browser?

Then there's the obfuscation of sorting. If everything is sorted chronologically it's easy to spot posts that don't fit into the stream. But the trend of algorithmic sorting has made that far harder to easily spot. The recommendation of posts outside of your circle (your friend faved this! A lot of people from this group you're in interact with this other group! etc.) has also eroded the instant recognizability of who is and isn't being broadcast at you, making it easier to sprinkle in ads.

@radikalgrafitio On top of that, PaaS and SaaS allow companies to force you to use their proprietary software (if it's not in a browser an adblocker is gonna be harder to maintain) and throw ads at you until you start paying for a subscription. The option for one time payment isn't even on the table anymore, if you don't want Spotify to drill a hole in your skull with loud as shit ads (usually by themselves, advertising the option of not having ads) every 5 songs you'd better start paying every month

Everything is ads. "Funny jumpluff eat a pepsi" meme is an ad. Reddit talking about a company that's pro HK is an ad. Your fav youtuber showing their new cat toys is an ad. "He has airpods he can't hear us"? Ad. "back at it again at krispy kreme"? Ad. Everything either already is or is becoming part of an earning model, otherwise it'd lose it's right to exist in this late stage capitalist hellscape

@fortunos twitter is the same. At least you can block them there, idk about ig.

@fortunos I was on Twitter and kept mistaking ads for posts because my brain now believes there are no ads on the tl

@fortunos hell yea I love the no advertising. I cannot go back to birdsite I would lose my mind scrolling through my TL and blocking every single company promoted tweet I see only to have them keep popping up

@fortunos there are so many ads on EVERYTHING

It's very Minority Report-esque

You Tube is starting to get sucky too. Listening to a album with ads in between every song.. bleach
@claudiom to

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