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Friendly reminder that I am totes open for all interaction because I'm a lil scaredy cat when it comes to interacting with others first so like, Talk To Me? If you want to?

ok i'm moving to hellsite! how do i send out a mass DM that i'm moving?

i guess i'll make a dot social alt while it's open just in case

*dozes on a sofa and makes a mrrp sound when you surprise me in my slumber

computer science papers in the 60s: we have developed an improved sorting algorithm

computer science papers in the 2010s: we ran teenager tweets through a bayes classifier to try to produce a teenage consciousness

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covid, dreams, +- 

so i'm having more and more dreams about doing social interactions with people, big events, crowded spaces and they always feel so conflicted. i want to be close to people again but i'm so aware of the lack of distance to people. i want to be with friends but i don't want to add to the already skyrocketing problem

Straight men: well I obviously cannot love anything that was not *born of my loins, fused from my gametes*

Queer folks: honey don't get mad but I found this feral child in a literal garbage can scrounging for scraps. They told me to fuck off. I would lay down my life for them.

@fortunos everybody should have a cute bra that makes everything better

i have a really cute bra and i almost never wear it but then i do and life is good

i've become worse than a fossbro. i keep trying to teach people dwarf fortress. someone end me before it's too late

KSBD \ US Christian Abstinence Propaganda Shitpost 

same energy

ancient romans didnt actually think U's and V's were the same thing they were just doing a typing quirk

concept: nonbinary flag but the yellow is more of a limey color and the purple is a cooler purple color

gonna start my own mastodon server and defederate from everyone

of all the days i could've chosen to try to rob a bank...

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