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Friendly reminder that I am totes open for all interaction because I'm a lil scaredy cat when it comes to interacting with others first so like, Talk To Me? If you want to?

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I'm behind $130 for bills (due the 15th) and I still need to get groceries for the month.
If you can help me, please RT, commission or donate, thank you! 😭 💞

its pretty epic seeing the black lives matter protesters use the ancient roman testudo formation with umbrellas to block pepper spray instead of arrows because like, they're up against white supremacists who think their heritage is rome's (its not)

I find it stunning that the stock market is doing well, finishing up for the last few days. If you ever needed proof that the market is totally disconnected from the health of our society, here you go.

can't fuckin believe ppl think trudeau pausing for 21 seconds after getting asked about the protests is a sign of dignity and respect, instead of him just trying to figure out how to cover his ass so the fewest possible people get mad

White people posting about personal donations and activism is cool and all, but you know what would be cooler? 

cw: politics, riots, BLM 

You don't get to benefit from the revolution that is being led primarily by African Americans, and other black people from the diaspora, who deal with the fundamental nature of the United States.. which is anti Blackness and settler colonialism and anti indigeneity (which is tethered to blackness) whilst being anti black or protective of ur anti black friends.

so, after last nights Black Lives Matter "protest" in pdx was co-opted by police collaborators and white liberals had their "kumbaya we've fixed racism and the police are nice now" parade, the police raided a local trans woman's house and arrested her on $25K bail for alleged arson. If you can, please donate to the bail fund:

"the $POLICE_DEPARTMENT will be very seriously looking into the crimes that the officers of $POLICE_DEPARTMENT are on video committing."

please fill out this self-evaluation form thanks

"Good cops" need to quit now, there's no ambiguity. If there are as many people in the police force that are dedicated to peace and justice as we're always told there are, a mass exodus of them would make these violent police attacks impossible.

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