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Friendly reminder that I am totes open for all interaction because I'm a lil scaredy cat when it comes to interacting with others first so like, Talk To Me? If you want to?

shut up and help your neighbour shovel their driveway. and don't you dare post on instagram bragging about it

There's some enbies being cute on my tl and I wanna hug em all


So is baby yoda an actual interesting character or did disney just bullshit another cheap thing they can squeeze meme content out of into their shows

You may wonder whether I have been cancelled but no, i am simply sick and also tired

chuck lorre? more like fuck, sorry. this joke only works if you pretend a canadian said it

uspol, fascism 

someone on twitter said:

Voting isn't choosing your character, it's choosing your opponent.

Which is an interesting contextualization and good argument against letting perfect be the enemy of good re: candidates and moving the overton window etc.

just wrote the word "citrussy" and stopped and stared at it for a second, you're all perverts and i hate what you've done to my brain

unreclaimed slur in image 

Bro why are you crying, what's wrong?
Bro, I am just sad that trans people get misgendered every day, intentionally or not.
Thank you wo much for cheking in with me bro, I love you

fantastic dicks and where to suck ur own dick. don't even worry about it

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