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Friendly reminder that I am totes open for all interaction because I'm a lil scaredy cat when it comes to interacting with others first so like, Talk To Me? If you want to?

Pokémon gen 8 hot take 

teaching my 43 cats to fend for themselves by showing them videos of lions taking down gazelles except the gazelles have been shopped out and replaced by managers in suits.

healyn probably fucks, right? nice looking guy, well-behaved, he seems like he would be an attentive lover in a general sense not confined to the bedroom. yet I cannot imagine what healyn's sex life would involve, and in that pure blank I'm just going to paint a picture of kinky cthulhu

nerds: we have the biggest brains. the enlightenment was epic. rational science ftw

hume: reason is the slave of the passions

nerds: no no not like that

tbf abolish attract being gender-based in pokemon

nl pol 

nl pol 

nl pol 

dyke straw's algorithm, a formula about how to share a milkshake with your lesbian love

I took the greatest selfie ever earlier but this isn't it, no, this is just a tribute (selfie, no ec)

youve been struck by

youve been hit by

a follow request while your account isnt locked

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